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Ree Drummond Moved Out of House Where She Brought up Her Kids — Inside Her New 'Smaller' Home

Olawale Ogunjimi
May 15, 2022
06:40 A.M.

Since 2006, America's most prominent blogger, Ree Drummond, aka the "Pioneer Woman," has thrilled fans with the different changes her life has welcomed. Now she is sharing a glimpse into the new "smaller" house she and her family moved into.


Entrepreneur, cookbook author, blogger, and Food Network star Ree Drummond has an array of titles to her name, but the one she embraces most is "Pioneer Woman."

Seemingly, over the years, the Pioneer Woman has proven to be an all-rounder: impressive recording feats in her career. In addition, as an excellent parent and wife, she manages her homefront brilliantly.

TV personality Ree Drummond and spouse Ladd Drummond are photographed for People Magazine on August 25, 2017 in Oklahoma | Source: Getty Images

TV personality Ree Drummond and spouse Ladd Drummond are photographed for People Magazine on August 25, 2017 in Oklahoma | Source: Getty Images

Recently, the Drummond family welcomed a tremendous change, including Ree, her husband, Ladd, and their kids. They had to move out of a place they had called home for about twenty years.

The couple, who had raised their kids in their Pawhuska, Oklahoma home, nearly fifty years old, considered moving into a smaller space.


Of course, they had their reasons for the change, but first, let's look at their former Oklahoma home, where many memories were made.


Todd Drummond, Bryce Drummond, Ree Drummond, Paige Drummond ,and Ladd Drummond attend The Pioneer Woman Magazine Celebration at The Mason Jar on June 6, 2017 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Todd Drummond, Bryce Drummond, Ree Drummond, Paige Drummond ,and Ladd Drummond attend The Pioneer Woman Magazine Celebration at The Mason Jar on June 6, 2017 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Ree's old house was a magnificent estate where all four of her kids, Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Todd, were raised. After his adoption, the couple's youngest son, Jamar, joined the family a few years ago.

Still, he has enjoyed adorable family moments with his adoptive parents and siblings on their Oklahoma ranch.


Apart from being a welcoming space full of love, the property is grand with detailed structures and sections.

The blogger's former home embraced a large expanse of land, including open fields, a barn, stables for horses and cattle, a creek, a pond, and landscaping.

That's not all; there are multiple guest houses, including a special place the family calls "The Lodge."

This is where Ree sometimes runs her Food Network show, as it embraces a second private kitchen alongside other living areas.

Inside is a house that is perfectly furnished with fine wood craftsmanship. It also boasts high vaulted ceilings and a television area designed with a stone fireplace.


Indeed, this home would forever hold a special place in their hearts as it was a dwelling place for them and some relatives: Caleb Drummond, a firefighter, and Stuart Smith, who films Ree's cooking shows.

Its rich landscape was also the perfect event center for their daughter, Alex's, May wedding. The family has also been open to fans viewing the lovely space by sharing a glimpse of the vast area online and welcoming them to take a tour around the ranch.

The peaceful atmosphere surrounded by a natural scent made it difficult for Ree to stay away from home for an extended period.


The Food Network star confessed that she often missed the aura while on the road, proving she was connected to the ranch. Via a blog post, she wrote:

"Whenever I'm away from home, though, even if it's just for a few days, I get homesick."

Ree has been very open about her life on the ranch. It was by sharing her daily lifestyle with her kids that skyrocketed her to stardom.


The author began embracing different opportunities in the following years and has now turned into a mega Hollywood star.

The Food Network star also ventured into other businesses, including owning and running a bakery, an ice cream store, and a restaurant with her husband of many years.

Ultimately, Ree has not only inspired women around the world with her blog posts, but she has also brought redemption to the small town of Oklahoma with her business, which has led many to the visit from far and wide.



Ree has proven to be a very intentional woman with her kids, husband, and career. So fans expected that moving from their fifty-year-old home, which holds countless memories, would come with a truckload of explanations and it did.

While speaking to People, the cookbook author confessed that their old house was not all that. She explained that they had battled with some fundamental problems and had grown weary of it. In her words:

"It wasn't a charming 50-year-old house. We loved raising our kids in the house, but it had foundation problems and had developed a few problems that were going to be pretty overwhelming to fix."


When they decided that they had had enough, the family moved further to a smaller house on the same ranch. They had constructed it over a year prior and moved into it during Christmas.

The home occupants are no longer as large as they used to be, as Alex is now married while three of her siblings are away. That leaves Todd as the only child with his parents. According to Ree, moving into the new place was not stressful. In her description, she said:

"We packed our things and walked across the yard — it was so funny — and moved in."


The Pioneer Woman also shared her plans on having a new construction on the ranch. She explained that their current home would be a guest house for their visiting kids once there is a bigger space.

Ree added: "When we build our main house, we're only doing one or two bedrooms, so it's not going to be a big mega house. "But right now, we're happy in the guest house. And this may be our 'house, house' for the time being. It's very comfortable and again, simple. We had to be very selective about what we brought here."


The Drummond, who is also compassionate about their animals, including their dogs, admitted that the pets are adapting soundly to the new home. According to the blogger:

"They set up shop on the front porch. They each have their own little bed on the front porch."



Ree and Ladd have lived chiefly with their kids for years, and fans have been used to their large family. But these days, the couple is home with their youngest son, Todd.

Although Ree is almost becoming an empty nester, the memories she created with her kids is sure to lead her through their absence.

For example, when her filming crew was away during the pandemic, the kids rallied around to help their mother film her Food Network show.


The entrepreneur confessed that it afforded the family a great bonding experience. She grew more familiar with Alex's then-boyfriend, Mauricio Scott, who became her husband.

Despite not having the kids around, they are all upholding the Drummond family legacy. Alex is a happily married woman, while her sister, Paige, recently graduated with distinctions from the University of Arkansas.


Bryce, the couple's oldest son, is also doing great as a football player at the University of North Texas.

Ree, a hands-on mom, often visits her son, which she chronicles on her blog, and via Instagram, mentioning how proud she feels.


The couple's youngest, Todd, is an award-winning wrestler, and he follows in his brother's footsteps as a quarterback. Jamar, a month younger than Bryce, is also in love with football and loves fish.

Thankfully, Ree's dedication to motherhood made her kids turn out well. So, for now, there is no rotten egg in the bunch. They enjoy filming with their mom and lifestyle on the ranch.

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