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Woman Reads Newspaper, Finds Out Her Husband Had a Baby with Another Woman

Ayesha Muhammad
May 21, 2022
02:00 P.M.
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A woman looked forward to celebrating a momentous occasion with her husband of ten years. While reading the local newspaper one day, she was taken aback after noticing her husband's name in one of the sections.


Love is a beautiful phenomenon that is powerful enough to bring people together and forge lasting connections. But sometimes, we might experience heartbreaking moments where our love and trust are taken for granted.

Being cheated on or receiving deception from your dear ones can leave wounds that might take longer to heal. While moving on is always an option, it is easier said than done.

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Often, people who endure such ordeals might not have enough support around them to open up about their pain. But in recent times, social media has enabled people to share their stories and receive encouragement from others who've gone through the same.


A similar trend has been happening on TikTok, where people came forward to share how they discovered their ex-spouse was cheating on them. Using the hashtag "stitches," a TikToker, Ami Addison, also mustered the strength to document her experience.

In a series of videos, Addison, who goes by the username @aaddison01 on the platform, revealed her eye-opening, mind-boggling, and incredibly heart-rending story to fellow TikTokers.


Ami Addison. | Source: tiktok.com/@aaddison01


The woman recalled that she was about to celebrate her tenth wedding anniversary with her then-husband, and she eagerly awaited the special occasion. One day, she was sitting in her office reading a newspaper when she made an unexpected discovery.


Another netizen asked Addison if her ex-husband's family knew about the other woman, to which she responded that he had a large family with multiple sisters.

According to Addison, she stumbled upon her then-husband's name in the birth announcement section of the newspaper and was utterly shocked and confused.

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In her first video, which she shared on May 14, 2021, garnered more than 243,000 reactions. Addison explained how she found out her now-ex-husband was leading a double life. She noted:

"In the newspaper, they would publish … the parents' names, sex of the baby, date they were born, what hospital. I see my husband's name and some other female's name."

Addison said her interest was piqued when she noticed his name next to another woman in the baby announcement section. Moreover, she mentioned that her then-husband's unusual name quickly grabbed her attention.


Ami Addison. | Source: tiktok.com/@aaddison01


Addison described that she decided to dig deeper and searched for his name and the other female's first name on the local hospital's website, which posted pictures of the newborn babies. Much to her dismay, her suspicions were confirmed. She added:


"Sure enough, they had a baby boy a few days prior."

The heartbroken woman thought she was done receiving shocks, but there was still more that she didn't know to her surprise. Shortly afterward, she discovered that her then-husband and the woman had a baby girl a year and a half before welcoming the baby boy.



Addison's heart-wrenching story received an overwhelming response from netizens, eager to know what happened after learning about her ex-husband's cheating.

The TikToker posted a thread of videos answering viewers' questions and comments about the shocking story. One netizen asked her how she confronted her then-husband, to which Addison shared a video response.

Ami Addison. | Source: tiktok.com/@aaddison01



The woman recalled finding out about the cheating on a Wednesday, but she decided to stay silent and not talk about it to her then-partner. She told her kids she would pick them up from school the following day.

Addison continued that she packed her and her children's belongings, tucked them in her car, and booked a hotel. She also noted that her now-ex-husband worked overtime on Thursdays. Addison revealed:

"He worked overtime on Thursdays which I'm sure meant spending time with his other family."


Continuing her response to how she confronted her then-partner, Addison stated that she spent an entire day finding out more about the other woman, including her address.

The TikToker said she drove straight to the woman's house and was shocked when she saw her then-husband's car parked outside. Addison confessed that she drove back, packed all of his stuff, and returned to the woman's house. She further said:

"I dumped all of his clothes, [including] suits, and lots and lots of other stuff all over his car."



The woman explained that she also left an anniversary card for her now-ex-husband and left. In part 13 of the same video series, Addison shared details about her divorce. She said the divorce was finalized a year after learning about her then-husband's deception.

After agreeing to the home equity agreement, she explained that she kept the house and her car while her ex-husband left with his car and belongings. Addison revealed that her friends helped convince him to pay child support. She also mentioned:

"A year after that he moved in with his home girl. About a year after that, he had a small stroke and went to the hospital. But she wouldn't return her calls or come pick him up. She said she didn't want a sick man."



Another netizen asked Addison if her ex-husband's family knew about the other woman, to which she responded that he had a large family with multiple sisters. The TikToker explained that she was extremely close to two of his sisters.

She responded that his sisters knew about his other family and had even babysat his children. Addison recounted:

"So when I asked them [her ex-husband's sisters] why didn't you tell me, they all responsed that it wasn't their place and it was his responsibility."

Ami Addison. | Source: tiktok.com/@aaddison01



Many netizens commented on Addison's videos, appreciating her for sharing her story. Some drew strength from her experience and documented their own. One user wrote: "Similar to my grandmother. She found out he purchased a home in the newspaper."

A second one added: "That happened to me with my ex-fiancé. To this day, he doesn't know how I found out. He thinks someone in his family told me." A user replied, "So the family knew, and they didn't tell you?! Wow!"

"Yep...it was like a family code thing. They loved me and knew I would leave as soon as I found out," responded the original user.


As was clear from Addison's story, her ex-husband relied on someone who didn't think twice before turning their back on him when he needed them. This story shows that betraying someone's trust and taking them for granted should never be encouraged.

According to Daily Dot, Addison has since moved on and remarried, and we wish her and her family nothing but happiness and love. Please share this story with your family and friends.