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Devastated Man Prays for Pregnant Wife on the Verge of Death, Gets a 'Sign' from God Giving Him Hope

Salwa Nadeem
Jun 06, 2022
08:40 A.M.

One morning, soon after waking up, a woman experienced an excruciating headache that made her collapse on the floor. Moments later, she was struggling for life, lying on the hospital bed while her husband prayed for her health.


Watching your partner suffer is one of the worst things a person can experience. Such panicky situations might disturb people who aren't mentally strong, and they may not be able to call for help at the right moment.

The man in today's story went through something similar when his pregnant wife suddenly fell unconscious. However, he managed to call 911 on time but was shocked to know that Anna was suffering from a life-threatening condition.



Anna and Nate Weeber, living in Zeeland, Michigan, received the biggest scare of their lives in 2016. It was a regular Saturday morning when the couple was getting ready for a bike ride with their 2-year-old son, Declan.

Suddenly, 26-weeks-pregnant Anna felt a sharp headache but thought it was part of the regular migraine episodes she had. Soon, the Weebers realized she was wrong. It was a medical emergency. Anna recalled:

"It was the most intense headache I've ever had in my life. It felt like a balloon was filling with tar in my head."



After seeing his wife in pain, Nate immediately fetched painkillers from the medicine cabinet. He gave the pills to Anna with a glass of water, thinking the pain would be gone soon.

Instead of subsiding, the pain's intensity increased, and Anna started throwing up. She also felt cramps in her stomach and couldn't understand what was happening to her. All she knew was that she had to inform Nate about her symptoms. She said:

"I felt like it was God telling me that I had to let Nate know. I was scared. It was serious, not just a normal headache."

Anna and Nate Weeber. | Source: facebook.com/The 700 Club

Anna and Nate Weeber. | Source: facebook.com/The 700 Club



Anna also complained that she couldn't move the left side of her body, and moments later, she collapsed. Nate tried to wake her up but soon realized he had to call for help. He immediately grabbed his phone and dialed 911.

After asking Nate what had happened, the emergency respondent asked him to lift Anna's arms above her head. When he lifted her arms, her right arm went up, but he was horrified to see no movement in her left arm.

Soon, the paramedics arrived and rushed Anna to the emergency department of Holland Hospital. The doctors ran tests on her, and her CT scan showed she had a ruptured brain aneurysm.

Anna and Nate Weeber. | Source: facebook.com/The 700 Club

Anna and Nate Weeber. | Source: facebook.com/The 700 Club



The doctors referred her to Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital for further treatment. Dr. Justin Singer, the neurosurgeon who treated Anna, said he had to do a risky procedure to save both mother and baby. This also meant Anna could lose her life. Nate said:

"I don't know if I was going to get my wife back how she was before. Or if she'd be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, or if she'd pass away."

Not knowing what would happen next, Nate wrote a Facebook post asking his friends to pray for Anna. He believed in the power of prayer and thought it would help his wife recover quickly.



Twenty hours later, the doctor emerged from the operating room and told Nate his wife's surgery was successful. However, they still had to keep Anna under observation.

A few days later, Anna developed vasospasm, which increased the pressure in her brain. Once again, Nate requested his friends to pray for Anna.

Nate claimed he received a sign from God when he went home one day. He got a photo in the mail that showed a baby's hand holding a man's hand, which he supposed was a father's hand. Nate thought this was God trying to tell him that everything would be fine.

Nate Weeber pictured holding the photo. | Source: facebook.com/The 700 Club

Nate Weeber pictured holding the photo. | Source: facebook.com/The 700 Club



Beside the photo was a verse from the Bible that motivated Nate not to give up. Nate said he could relate to the picture because he felt he held onto God's hand during the entire episode.

The doctors had told Nate that the average brain pressure is between 10-15, but Anna's was going up to 20. He prayed to God to show him the number "12" on the pressure monitor if Anna would be healed completely. He recalled:

"It dropped down to a 12 long enough for me to take a picture with my phone, and then it went back up to between 16 and 18."

Nate Weeber. | Source: facebook.com/The 700 Club

Nate Weeber. | Source: facebook.com/The 700 Club


A few days later, Anna's brain pressure miraculously stabilized. Eighteen days after she was rushed to the emergency department, Anna was ready to go home. She recalled:


"In our short 18 days at the hospital, God showed up time and time again. Sometimes, doing a miracle right in front of our eyes."

Anna said the rest of her pregnancy was smooth. Initially, she feared the surgery would cause complications in her pregnancy, but that didn't happen. She soon gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Hudson.

The Weebers strongly believed prayers helped them get through the worst situation of their lives. They firmly believed in the power of prayers and wondered what they would have done if God didn't help them.

Do you agree with Anna and Nate? Do you believe God sent him signs to make him understand everything would be okay? We would love to know your opinions.

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