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Little Girl Writes Letter to Her 'Dad in Heaven,' Not Knowing She Will Receive a Response Soon

Salwa Nadeem
Jun 07, 2022
07:30 A.M.
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When a 4-year-old girl missed her late father, she wrote a letter to him and sent it up in the sky, thinking it would reach heaven. Little did she know she would soon receive a response.


What was your worst nightmare as a child? For many children, the thought of losing one or both of their parents haunts them the most. They can never imagine living a day without their parents because of the wholesome bond they share.

Many adults also get emotional whenever the idea of their parent's death crosses their minds. However, things aren't the same for children who have never met their parents. The death of one's parent before their birth affects them differently.

Tammy Avolia and Milan Larson. | Source: youtube.com/CBS Pittsburgh



4-year-old Milan Larson from Washington County, Pennsylvania, made it to the news after she experienced something strange. The little girl lived with her grandmother, Tami Avolia.

Avolia lost her son, Travis Larson, back in 2017 in a shooting incident, leaving his grieving family behind. At the time of his death, he knew he would soon become a father to a baby girl. Avolia recalled that her son was delighted to discover the baby's gender a week before dying. She had a message for the shooter:

"He didn't just take my son. He took my best friend. He took his daughter's daddy away. She never got to meet him."


Milan Larson. | Source: youtube.com/CBS Pittsburgh


Little Milan didn't know what it felt like to be loved by a father. She never got the chance to meet Travis, but she always heard good things about him from other family members.


One day, something strange happened that shocked both Avolia and Milan.

Losing her father before her birth left a void in Milan's life. She had only seen her father in photos and believed no one could take his place.

Travis Larson. | Source: youtube.com/CBS Pittsburgh



One thing Milan did to remember her father was celebrate his birthday every year. She loved singing "Happy Birthday" for him, thinking he was watching her from heaven.

On his birthday in 2022, Milan decided to do something special. With her grandmother's help, she wrote a letter and sent it with a gift to Travis in heaven. Avolia tied Milan's note and present to a balloon and told her it would reach her daddy in heaven. Avolia revealed what the letter said:

"It says, 'Happy birthday, Daddy! I love you. I miss you. I never wanted you to go away. Happy birthday. Baby girl.'"


Milan Larson. | Source: youtube.com/CBS Pittsburgh


While Milan thought her gift and letter would definitely reach her father, Avolia knew her son couldn't receive them. One day, something strange happened that shocked both Avolia and Milan.


Avolia opened her mailbox and saw a box sitting inside. When she took it out and read the sender's name, she was surprised to know that it was from her son. It said:

"From Daddy from Heaven. To baby girl."

Tammy Avolia and Milan Larson pictured checking their mail. | Source: youtube.com/CBS Pittsburgh



After reading the details on the parcel, Avolia started crying, thinking about Travis. However, she knew a dead person couldn't send mail from heaven.

Avolia called Milan and showed her the box. They took it inside and unpacked it to see its contents. The parcel had a gift and a letter for little Milan. The letter said:

"I love your birthday present. Thank you so much. Daddy loves you and Mommy so much and misses you all. Here's a present that I made just for you. Hope you like them."

Milan Larson. | Source: youtube.com/CBS Pittsburgh



Besides the letter, Milan's package contained three handmade Christmas ornaments shaped like snowflakes. Milan was over the moon to know that Daddy had sent such adorable gifts. The letter she received said:

"They are Christmas tree ornaments, and I am sending you a kiss from heaven. Snowflakes are kisses from heaven. I love you so much. Daddy."

Avolia could tell how happy Milan was by looking at the big "priceless" smile on her face. The little girl had never met her father, and getting a present from him meant the world to her. However, Milan had no idea that it was not her father who responded to her letter.


Milan Larson. | Source: youtube.com/CBS Pittsburgh


Sending a balloon in the air means it would eventually land somewhere. When Avolia and Milan tied a gift and letter to the balloon, it landed in a woman's home in Brier Hill, Pennsylvania.


After reading the heartfelt note from Milan, the unknown woman decided to write back to her and send her a gift, making it look like Milan's father got her the present and responded to her letter.

The woman's kindness gave hope to Avolia, who was still grieving the loss of her beloved son. She said the unknown woman had restored her faith in people.

What would you do if a letter landed in your house like that? Would you reply to it as the woman did? We would love to know your opinions.

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