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Girl Vanishes after 5th Birthday, Broken Mom Gets a 'Could She Be Your Daughter?' Text 10 Years Later

Ayesha Muhammad
Jun 11, 2022
04:00 A.M.

After celebrating her fifth birthday with her family, a little girl mysteriously vanished one day without any warning or communication. Almost a decade after her disappearance, her mom received an unexpected message from a stranger.


Mothers and daughters share a unique connection that gets more profound with time. Nothing hurts a parent more than seeing their kids suffer, and the former might even jeopardize their life to ensure their little one's safety.

The story we're sharing today revolves around a woman's unwavering love and sheer longing for her child and how she was able to survive the terrifying ordeal that shattered her heart into a million pieces. Please keep reading to discover the complete story below.

Kadisha Montanez. | Source: YouTube.com/11Alive

Kadisha Montanez. | Source: YouTube.com/11Alive


Kadisha Montanez was a mother of three children, Naomi, Mikey, and Cinthya, and lived with her beautiful family in Forsyth County, Georgia. Back in 2009, the family celebrated Cinthya's fifth birthday in an extraordinary way.


Cinthya's birthday was the last time Montanez saw her. Montanez, who was serving prison time then, was often visited by her children. She had entrusted her kids to her parents, Rosemary and Luis Serrano. Cinthya's dad often visited her for the weekend and sometimes took her along and brought her back later.

While Montanez was still in jail, Cinthya's dad told her grandparents he wanted to spend time with his daughter for the weekend. The little girl's grandparents thought they had no reason to object, and it would just be a usual weekend where Cinthya would bond with her father.



The Serranos said they hoped for Cinthya's dad to bring her back, but that didn't happen. They added that they didn't understand the seriousness of the situation initially.

The teenager said she still had her doubts about her family, given her dad's stories.

The weekend was long over, and both Rosemary and Luis recalled waiting for their granddaughter's arrival, thinking that her father would return with her eventually.



Unfortunately, Cinthya's grandparents said that never happened, and just like that, their little grandchild disappeared with her father without a trace, warning, or communication. When Montanez returned, she called her mom and inquired about Cinthya. She recounted:

"The weekend after [Cinthya was taken], I called my mom and she said, 'Kadisha, he never brought Cinthya back last Sunday like he was supposed to.'"

The distraught woman then went straight to Cinthya's dad's house, but he was nowhere to be found. The family said it became clear that their little girl had been abducted, but something stopped them from reaching out to the cops? What was it?



Montanez said her family feared that if they went to the police, Cinthya's dad, allegedly a former gang member, would find out and disappear to Mexico or retaliate against them. She also noted how he had threatened to disappear with Cinthya before.

The family was so scared that they said they let fear dictate things and hoped that either Cinthya would return home or they would be able to find her somehow. Meanwhile, Montanez spent her days in agony and nights crying for her little girl. She recalled:

"All I could do was cry. My baby was gone, and it was very hard."



Days became weeks, weeks turned into months, and months became years, but there was no sign of Cinthya. Montanez expressed that despite yearning for her daughter, she hoped that her father had taken her out of love and would be taking care of her.

In addition to Montanez, Cinthya's older sister, Naomi, and half-brother, Mikey, missed her terribly. They said they never thought they would have to live without their sweet little sister and their hearts ached for her. Naomi recollected:

"When my sister was gone, it was like a part of me died with her. It was like I wasn't the same anymore."



A decade went by, but the family heard nothing about Cinthya. They were utterly devastated and on the verge of giving up when Montanez received an unexpected message on Facebook from a complete stranger. The message read:

"It may be coincidence or the province of God … Tell me, could she be your daughter?"

Initially, Montanez was skeptical because the message was from a nun living in Nicaragua. But when the Catholic nun from the Cristo Obrero Children's Home, a girls orphanage in Diriomo, Nicaragua, provided detailed information on Cinthya's birth date and life, Montanez felt hopeful for the first time in ten years.



With the nun's help, Montanez, her other children, and her parents had a tearful reunion with Cinthya over video chat. Without wasting time, the desperate mother gathered necessary documents and arranged to bring her daughter home from Nicaragua to Georgia. Montanez described:

"This was the hardest 10 years of my life, and now that I've found her it's like I just want her home. The whole family is waiting for her."

When the long-lost mother-daughter duo finally met, they embraced and cried their hearts out. But they knew they had to answer the nagging questions they had harbored for years.

Cinthya Montanez. | Source: YouTube.com/11 Alive

Cinthya Montanez. | Source: YouTube.com/11 Alive



The teenager narrated to her mother that initially, she lived with her dad, his new wife, and his new wife's mother in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Cinthya added that she suffered physical and emotional trauma at the hands of her dad and his family.

The then-15-year-old girl explained that her dad corrupted her thoughts and memories of her family and told her they wanted nothing to do with her. She also added:

"The story that my dad told me was that my mom abandoned me, and he told me, 'They don't love you, they hate you."

Cinthya and Kadisha Montanez. | Source: YouTube.com/11Alive

Cinthya and Kadisha Montanez. | Source: YouTube.com/11Alive



After living for a few years in Georgia, Cinthya's dad sent her with her step-grandma to Nicaragua. Soon afterward, Cinthya said she ran away and sought refuge at the Cristo Obrero Children's Home, where she stayed for nearly two years.

Cinthya said she met some kind-hearted nurses who looked after her at the orphanage. One of those nurses asked Cinthya about her family, and all she could recall was her mother's name.

The teenager said she still had her doubts about her family, given her dad's stories. While Cinthya wondered where her family was, she wasn't sure if they missed her or wanted her back. But after talking to her family and meeting Montanez, she discovered how much they had suffered over the years.



When Cinthya finally returned home after the emotional reunion with her mother, she met her siblings and grandparents, who had lived in guilt and pain over her disappearance for the past ten years.

After a round of tears, laughter, kisses, and hugs, Cinthya was shown her room which was decorated in all shades of blue, her favorite color. Montanez mentioned that her daughter would receive counseling sessions to help her heal from the emotional trauma she endured, and she would also go to school.

Moreover, Cinthya's grandpa, Luis, shared that he and his family were already thinking ahead and couldn't wait to create new memories together. If there's one thing we like at AmoMama, it's the emotional family reunions that fill our hearts with infinite joy.

We hope you enjoyed reading this story just as we liked sharing it with you. Please stay tuned for more exciting content, and check out another story about a man who reunited with his father he thought was dead for 33 years after a sibling messaged him.

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