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New Mom Grabs Boyfriend's Phone after Giving Birth, Sees Message from an Unfamiliar Woman

Ayesha Muhammad
Jun 10, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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Only hours after giving birth to their baby, a new mother reached out and grabbed her boyfriend's phone because it was closer to her bed. All she wanted to do was check the time, but she was utterly shocked by what she saw when she tapped the screen.


Celebrating a new life is a precious feeling for any parent. From the moment a couple discovers they're pregnant to the point they become parents and experience the pure joy of cradling their little one is nothing less than a rollercoaster ride.

Still, ask any parent, and they'll tell you how much they value their children's tantrums, cries, and laughter. Like any parent, the mother in today's story was also eagerly looking forward to welcoming her bundle of joy.

TikTok user @aubrecita. | Source: tiktok.com/@aubrecita



The woman, who goes by the username @aubrecita on the popular video-sharing platform, TikTok, shared her story with fellow users in March 2022. Her video became an instant attraction for countless netizens.

The woman, who is now a mother of three children, shared that she gave birth to her baby back in 2013 and was still admitted to the hospital when she came across something shocking and appalling.

The then-teen-mom documented her story in a 15-second TikTok video, which is now a viral sensation and has amassed over 15.3 million views, more than 1.5 million reactions, and 6888 comments.


TikToker @aubrecita shares her story online. | Source: tiktok.com/@aubrecita


The TikTok user explained that she sat in her room nursing her hours-old baby when the nurses suggested she keep track of the exact times she was feeding her newborn.


The TikTok mom said that many people were curious about what happened between her and her lover and whether they were still together.

She said she reached over to grab her boyfriend's phone, who was in the room sleeping, to check the time since his phone was lying closer to her bed and was within her reach.

TikTok user @aubrecita documented her shocking story online. | Source: tiktok.com/@aubrecita



But as the woman tapped on her unnamed beau's iPhone screen, she saw their newborn baby's picture as his screensaver and something extremely astonishing. According to the TikToker, it was a new text message notification from a woman named Marissa.

Per the snapshot of the phone screen the TikToker shared in her video, the text had been sent at 12:25 a.m. The message read:

"Come cuddle."

The text message notification on @aubrecita's boyfriend's phone screen. | Source: tiktok.com/@aubrecita


The TikTok user, who describes herself as an OB/GYN sonographer, also added a light-hearted caption to her TikTok video where she shared her concerns about her baby's father's low battery percentage. She wrote:

"I know—I can't believe he let his battery get that low either."

She concluded her caption with the hashtags #babydaddyproblems, #postpartum, and #formerteenmom.

TikToker @aubrecita shared a thread of videos to respond to netizens. | Source: tiktok.com/@aubrecita



Moreover, the short video, which included a sound beat from Kooze, contained in-screen text where the woman summarized the incident. It read:

"Feeding my hours-old baby in the hospital, the nurses had asked me to record the times that he ate, so I [grabbed] my sleeping boyfriend's phone to check the time."

But that wasn't all. In response to a netizen's comment, @aubrecita reportedly revealed that it wasn't the only text she stumbled upon and said she also found another message where the baby's dad had texted his friend immediately after she gave birth and said, "[The] baby [doesn't] look like me."



Several netizens left their comments on the TikToker's video. Many netizens sided with her, while some took her ex-boyfriend's side, and one person argued that he shouldn't be blamed because he was "probably forced into having the kid."

A few people reportedly accused her of making up the story, but @aubrecita shrugged off such comments. The TikToker said she was thrilled when she saw a netizen's comment who thought she looked like Millie Bobby Brown.

TikTok user @aubrecita. | Source: tiktok.com/@aubrecita



The TikTok mom said that many people were curious about what happened between her and her lover and whether they were still together. She posted a short video to share her response, where she revealed:

"No this happened nine years ago. I left him and I'm married now to a man who restored my faith in men."

TikToker @aubrecita responds to a user who asked her if she and her baby's dad were still together. | Source: tiktok.com/@aubrecita



Even a month after sharing her story, @aubrecita revealed that the netizens were still curious about specific details, and in April this year, she posted another short clip where a user had asked, "grabbed his phone to check the time really (sic)?"

She also shared snapshots of a few other netizens who seemed skeptical and had asked her "hard-hitting questions," including what was wrong with her own phone and why she felt the need to use her boyfriend's phone instead. The TikToker's in-screen text read:

"My son's dad was cheating my entire pregnancy. I found out when I picked up his phone to check the time while nursing our newborn baby and saw a text from another girl."


What are your thoughts after reading this story? Do you think the woman was meant to grab her boyfriend's phone and discover the allegedly incriminating message? How would you react if you were in her place?

Please stay tuned for more interesting content, and check out another story where a woman discovered her fiancé was cheating just a day before her wedding.