Aditya Tiwari and Avnish | Source: facebook.com/goalcast
Aditya Tiwari and Avnish | Source: facebook.com/goalcast

Single Man Notices Baby Rejected by Everyone and Believed to Die Soon, Fights to Become His Dad

Brittany Chalmers
Jun 08, 2022
06:00 P.M.

When a bachelor visited an orphanage in his free time, someone caught his eye. He had no plans to adopt a child, but after seeing a helpless boy lying in the corner, he desperately wanted to help. Read their tear-jerking story.


Good Samaritans are all around us, and their kindness makes the world a better place. However, their noble actions are sometimes misunderstood and can leave people perplexed.

This happened to Aditya Tiwari, a software engineer with a heart of gold. He took time to distribute sweets to needy children, unaware that one visit to the local orphanage would change his life forever.

Aditya Tiwari and Avnish. | Source: facebook.com/aditya.tiwari.5682

Aditya Tiwari and Avnish. | Source: facebook.com/aditya.tiwari.5682

They Met Coincidentally

Tiwari visited an orphanage in 2014, and he quickly noticed an infant that was ignored and alone. He was curious about the five-month-old and asked one of the wardens for more information.

They informed him that the youngster named Avnish had Down Syndrome and gave a bad prognosis for his life, suggesting he would most likely die soon in the orphanage.


The warden also said every child from the orphanage would find a forever home, except for Avnish because nobody wanted to adopt him.

He Fought to Become His Father

However, Tiwari saw hope when he looked into the Avnish's eyes, and when he picked him up, the youngster laughed. The bachelor said that they "just clicked" at that moment.

His coincidental meeting with the child kept playing in his mind, so he made a bold and brave decision. The young bachelor decided to pay the orphanage another visit, and this time he had a clear mission—he wanted to adopt the baby boy.


Sadly, when Tiwari shared his desires with the orphanage staff, they laughed at him and said a man under 30 couldn't adopt. His requests were denied, but he fought tirelessly and ignored the critics.

The Bachelor Refused to Give Up

Tiwari was shocked by how the orphanage handled the situation, and he believed they were hiding something from him. He stated: "I didn't know what to do, but I knew I couldn't give up."

The young man frequently visited the orphanage, spent time with Avnish, and asked many questions about the infant's records and health condition.


He noticed the warden's "dodgy" responses, so he did intensive research and discovered that baby Avnish was undocumented. Tiwari knew the youngster was at risk and took the matter to the Welfare Minister, who expedited his case.

The Best Thing That Happened to Him

Working with the authorities, Tiwari helped close the orphanage's doors and helped other kids find safer institutions. Finally, in 2016, he brought his son home.

After battling legal issues and societal norms that suggested he couldn't raise a child alone, he shared that the fight was worth it because Avnish was "the best thing that's happened to [him]."


The Reason for the Adoption

Tiwari had a simple answer when people asked him why he wanted to adopt a child and specifically chose Avnish. He expressed: "My son has Down Syndrome and needed care. That's exactly why I wanted to adopt him."

"Initially, it wasn't easy for people to accept what I did. My family discouraged me. The same people appreciated my effort later when they saw me pulling off what I had aimed for," the proud father added.


The Healing Power of Love

Tiwari provided Avnish with love and security and gave him a life no one imagined possible. Despite being young and unmarried, he offered his child an excellent environment for his development. He shared:

"It was the happiest moment of my life. I lived alone, so I baby-proofed my house, spent nights understanding how to change diapers and how to take care of Down Syndrome babies."

Tiwari described the day his son arrived home as "sunshine [that] walked into [his] life." The care and concern he had for Avnish helped heal the pain the infant had endured in the orphanage, proving that love is a powerful force.


His Son Teaches Him New Things

The trajectory of Tiwari's entire life changed when he met Avnish by chance. The lonely orphan quickly crept into his heart and continued to light up his dad's life.

The proud dad also revealed that his son was teaching him new things every day. Despite his health conditions, he learned how to walk quickly and enjoyed socializing. Tiwari added:

"Avnish is a very happy child ... I am sure when you look at his pictures, you will not be able to recognize that he is indeed a child with special needs."


Thanks to Tiwari's refusal to give up, he and his son have a beautiful life. Avnish even enrolled in a playschool, and his dad was immensely proud of his progress and excited to share their story with others.

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