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Mom Sees Her Newborn Baby, Turns Head to Husband and Thinks 'You Can't Be the Father'

Salwa Nadeem
Jun 12, 2022
02:40 P.M.

When a Mexican-American mom saw her newborn baby for the first time, she was shocked. The mom of two thought her husband couldn't be the father and wondered if other people in the room had similar thoughts.


While being pregnant, most women wonder whether their child would resemble them or their partners. While some women want their child to look like them, others prefer their baby to inherit the father's looks.

Sometimes, women are surprised to see that their child neither resembles them nor their partners. The woman in today's story was not only surprised, but she started questioning her child's paternity.


The Mexican-American woman, Edith Garcia, lived with her husband Raul and their toddler daughter when she discovered her pregnancy. It all started when she frequently felt tired for no reason.


When she constantly felt tired, even on days when she hadn't done any strenuous work, it clicked in her mind that she might be pregnant. Since she had already given birth to a baby, she knew the initial symptoms and was almost certain she was pregnant.

After taking a test, Garcia was sure she was 5-weeks pregnant. It shocked her because she and her husband hadn't planned to have a baby. She wanted to wait some more before getting pregnant, but it seemed fate had other plans in store for her.



Garcia bought a cake with a message for her husband to announce her pregnancy. The couple was excited and nervous at the same time to become parents once again. Garcia said:

"I mean, who's really ready to start all over when you barely have a year of parenting down?"

The remaining months flew by since Garcia experienced a smooth pregnancy with zero complications. She couldn't wait to hold her baby in her arms.



On the morning of June 12, 2016, Garcia gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Tatiana Bella Garcia, who had an above-average weight at birth. While everyone was happy for Garcia, a strange thought struck her mind.

Tatiana was a white, blonde baby and looked nothing like her father. While Garcia was happy to hold her baby, she also felt weird and questioned the little one's paternity. She looked at Raul and thought:

"What did you—wait, it couldn't have been you. You can't be the father."



Next, Garcia started doubting her own fidelity because Tatiana looked like she was someone else's daughter. The confused mother also wondered if other people in the room could see how different her newborn daughter looked. Garcia asked:

"She is a blonde?"

Her best friend, sister, and husband went quiet after hearing the question. There was an awkward silence in the room before the nurse explained why Tatiana looked different.



The nurse in Garcia's hospital room explained that her daughter might have albinism if she had blue eyes. Once Raul checked Tatiana's eyes, they discovered why she looked so different.

Tatiana being an albino baby was shocking because Garcia and Raul knew no one with the same condition in their family. However, after some research, they discovered there were a few albino people in their families at least five generations ago.

Garcia studied about albinism and learned ways to make things easy for Tatiana as she grew older. While strangers passed judgemental looks after seeing Tatiana with her elder sister, Garcia never gave up and ensured her younger daughter lived like other children.



Little Tatiana had noticed she got more attention than her sister, but she didn't mind it. Garcia aimed to teach her to feel confident in her skin and never feel ashamed of having different features. Garcia said:

"I will do everything in my power to raise awareness for Tatiana and every person that follows her."

Garcia felt proud to see her daughter try her best to live her life like other children. Tatiana's elder sister also helped her whenever she could.

Garcia's story teaches us to be resilient no matter what happens in life. The mother could have given up after seeing how different her daughter was. Instead, she raised awareness to make other albino kids' lives easy.

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