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Story behind Harrison Ford's Chin Scar That Became His Trademark Even in the Movies

Edduin Carvajal
Jun 16, 2022
04:40 A.M.
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Harrison Ford's chin scar has been with him for so long that it became his trademark, and the "Indiana Jones" star credited emergency doctors' "inept" job for it.


Award-winning actor Harrison Ford made headlines in mid-2022 after being announced as part of the cast of "Shrinking," an Apple TV+ series written and executive produced by Jason Segel, Bill Lawrence, and Brett Goldstein.

Goldstein, also known as Roy Kent in "Ted Lasso," explained that Ford had been excellent filming "Shrinking" even though it was his first significant TV series role.

Harrison Ford on December 16, 2019 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images



In "Shrinking," Ford will portray Dr. Phil Rhodes, a blue-collar psychologist. He will be the polar opposite of Segel's character, a grieving therapist who starts breaking ethical rules by telling his clients what he thinks.

Goldstein revealed that although Ford had never done a straight comedy before, he probably loved working in one. Goldstein said:

"[Ford's] just so excited that he gets to do a proper comedy, because from what it seems to me, I think he's always wanted to do one, and never quite had the chance."

Harrison Ford on September 27, 2017 in New York City | Source: Getty Images



Ford's chin scar has been part of his life and career for decades. However, not everyone knows how he got it, mainly because a few of his projects made the scar part of his characters' stories, and each has a different explanation.

Jack Trainer, his character in "Working Girl," said it happened when he got his ear pierced. He couldn't stand the pain, passed out, and hit his chin on a toilet.


In "Indiana Jones," Ford's character revealed he got the scar before mastering his whip skills. However, the accident resulting in Ford's trademark chin scar happened when he was 20.

Ford is a pilot and has been involved in a few incidents.


Before making it big in the entertainment industry, Ford worked at a department store in California. One morning, he lost control of his vehicle and hit a telephone pole.

Ford slammed his face into the steering wheel and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors performed an "inept emergency surgery," and he ended up with his lasting mark.



Ford's chin scar is only one of the injuries he has faced. While filming "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in 2015, a hydraulic door of the Millennium Falcon (Han Solo's craft) crushed him, breaking his leg. Sources claim the accident could have killed him.

He also had a shoulder injury on the "Indiana Jones 5" set, which will be released in 2023. It happened while he was rehearsing a fight scene, and although the studio did not disclose the severity of the injury, they needed to modify the filming schedule.

Apart from that, Ford is a pilot and has been involved in a few incidents. He broke his arm following a crash-landing in California in 2015, and he mistakenly landed his plane on an airport taxiway and almost hit a plane with over 100 passengers.