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Bride-To-Be Prepares Dress for Wedding Day, Is Forced to Wear It to Her Fiancé's Grave Instead

Salwa Nadeem
Jun 22, 2022
04:00 A.M.

A Nashville bride-to-be was set to embark on a new journey of her life until circumstances forced her to wear her white wedding dress to her fiancé's grave instead of walking down the aisle.


Many people decide to tie the knot when they meet someone who checks all the boxes. All they want is to start their new life with the person who seems to be the perfect match for them.

Unfortunately, some people don't get the chance to execute their plans. They fall prey to their fate and don't get the opportunity to marry the person they had planned to spend the rest of their life with. The young girl in today's story also went through the same ordeal when she suddenly discovered her fiancé was no more.



In 2019, 22-year-old Sara Baluch from Nashville, Tennessee, was all set to tie the knot with the love of her life, Mohammad Sharifi. She met the 24-year-old man while studying at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

At first, Baluch wasn't interested in dating Sharifi, but he didn't give up. The determined young man kept asking her out for a month after their first meeting until she agreed. Baluch recalled the night she felt Sharifi was the man she had been waiting for:

"I know this sounds like a movie and that it can't be true, but that night, I knew he was it. And so did he!"



Baluch's relationship with Sharifi was nothing less than a fairy tale. She found him to be an extremely humble, polite, and caring man. Even when she would make a mistake, he talked to her calmly and made her understand where she went wrong.

The young girl confessed she "could just feel like something was wrong."

Sharifi was an inspiration for Baluch. She looked up to him for advice whenever she needed help. The young girl recalled that her fiancé would treat her problem like his and offer a solution in no time.



Soon after they started dating, Baluch and Sharifi decided to tie the knot. They were sure they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other, not knowing they would never get a chance to turn their dreams into reality.

On February 19, 2019, Baluch received a call from her to-be mother-in-law, telling her that Sharifi was in trouble. The paramedics rescued him from a parking lot after he called 911 before falling unconscious.

Terrified by the shocking news, Baluch immediately got into her car and drove to the hospital to see her fiancé. The young girl confessed she "could just feel like something was wrong."



Worried for Sharifi, Baluch inquired about her fiancé after reaching the hospital, but the staff told her he was "not in the system." She sat in the waiting area, waiting anxiously for an update on her husband-to-be.

Soon, a few detectives came to her and asked questions about Sharifi. She felt confused until a nurse came to her, held her hand, and told her that Sharifi had succumbed to the gunshots. He was no more. Baluch recounted with tears rolling down her cheeks:

"It was like the world was ripped from underneath me. It felt like I was falling, and it wasn't stopping. I fainted."



When Baluch woke up, she couldn't believe that Sharifi was no more. The young girl was all set to walk down the aisle in two weeks, but her fiancé's untimely demise had left her in shock.

Earlier that day, Sharifi had left his house to meet a 20-year-old man interested in buying his gaming console. The two met in the parking lot of a Hixson Pike apartment after Sharifi posted an ad on the Facebook Marketplace.

Instead of handing money to Sharifi in exchange for the Xbox One, the buyer shot him and fled. Before losing his senses, Sharifi dialed 911, but he couldn't survive.



Before they took Sharifi away, the nurses escorted Baluch to his room so she could see him one last time. She recalled what happened when she saw him lying on the bed peacefully:

"It wasn't fair. I told him, 'I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you.' He protected me every day, and I failed to protect him."

While looking at her fiancé one last time, she memorized his face. It was hard for her to let him go, but she was helpless. She had to accept that Sharifi wouldn't hold her hand during her tough times anymore. He wouldn't be there to give advice or hear her stories. Baluch had to take care of herself on her own.



Soon after Sharifi's burial, Baluch visited his grave wearing the white gown she had intended to wear on her big day. Instead of walking down the aisle, she stepped inside the cemetery to visit her late fiancé. Baluch said:

"It was so painful for all of us, but at the same time, it was peace. We did this for Mohammad."

The heartbroken girl said she wore her wedding dress to visit his grave because he wanted to see her in the white gown. Later, Baluch's mother draped a black veil over her head before they left the cemetery.



The man who shot Sharifi, D'Marcus White, was caught by the police, and they filed a homicide case against him. Sharifi and Baluch's family went to court to seek justice for the young man. In a Facebook post, Baluch asked her friends to show their support by attending the court proceedings. She wrote:

"The more people who are there, the more we can show the court how big of an impact Mohammad had during his 24 years in this world."

On May 26, 2022, Baluch penned down another Facebook post asking people to pray that Sharifi's murderer was sentenced to prison as per plan. She also thanked everyone for their support.



Even three years after the unfortunate incident, Baluch still feels nothing can fill the void that Sharifi's untimely demise had left in her life. She said:

"3 years later, and I still have this feeling, the feeling that I have lost my grip on everything around me, almost like I'm falling into an empty space with nothing around me to hold onto."

Baluch's story teaches us never to give up. Despite going through the worst, she kept herself sane and made her way through life. However, she also acknowledged feeling the grief even after three years.

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