Mom Kicks Out Teenage Daughter after Finding Out She's Pregnant

Salwa Nadeem
Jun 29, 2022
09:30 A.M.

Coming from a broken family, a 16-year-old girl couldn't resist when a boy at school made her feel special. After dating him for a few weeks, the girl discovered she was pregnant. What scared her was her mother's ultimatum that said she would have to leave the house if she got pregnant.


When a couple's marriage ends up in a messy divorce and their children witness it, it can leave a lasting impact on their young minds. Often, their children don't bond well with them and start looking for the love they crave elsewhere.

The girl in our story went through something similar when her parents got divorced. She yearned for love from her parents and ended up in a tricky situation where she had no option except to leave her mother's house. What happened next was something she had never imagined.

Myrka during her interview. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk

Myrka during her interview. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk


After Myrka's parents got divorced, her relationship with her mother, Liliana, deteriorated. Nine-year-old Myrka had to cook for and clean after her younger brother, Angel, while her mother went to work to make ends meet.


Since Liliana always had a tight budget, she didn't let her children spend too much, trying her best to save money for emergencies. As time passed, Myrka started to lose interest in bonding with her mother. She said it felt like she was just a "helper" for Liliana. Meanwhile, Liliana said:

"In Mexican culture, the way I grew up, you know, parents are very strict. So, I don't cuddle my kids. I believe you need to let them suffer a little bit just so they can learn."

Myrka and Liliana. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk

Myrka and Liliana. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk


When Myrka turned 14, she moved to Harlingen, Texas, with her mother and brother. Moving to a new city meant the teenager had to make friends at school from scratch. Luckily. she didn't have to work hard to mingle with others because the future father of her child sat right next to her on the first day of school.


Ethan tried to calm his girlfriend and asked his parents if she could move in with them.

When 15-year-old Ethan entered his biology class, he spotted an empty seat next to a beautiful girl. He immediately sat and introduced himself to Myrka, noticing how breathtakingly stunning she was.

Ethan and Myrka. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk

Ethan and Myrka. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk


Soon, Ethan expressed his feelings to Myrka and they started dating. A few weeks later, Myrka found out she was pregnant. She didn't dare to break the news to her mother, so Ethan told his parents about the pregnancy.

Liliana had already told Myrka that she would have to leave the house if she got pregnant. Thinking about her mother's rule scared the teenager, but Ethan's mother, Michelle, thought Liliana might not actually kick her daughter out.


Liliana proved Michelle's prediction wrong and asked Myrka to leave when she learned about her pregnancy, knowing the young girl had nowhere to go. Meanwhile, Ethan tried to calm his girlfriend and asked his parents if she could move in with them.

Myrka talks about her mother. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk

Myrka talks about her mother. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk


Ethan and Myrka's situation reminded Ethan's parents of the time they got pregnant when they were 15. Michelle's parents had asked her to live with her then-boyfriend, Charlie, but they still supported her financially.

Charlie and Michelle allowed Myrka to live with them so she could raise her baby with Ethan. After moving in, Myrka found Ethan's parents to be very supportive. However, this wasn't the love she craved. She wanted her mother's support.

Charlie, Ethan, Myrka, and Michelle. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk

Charlie, Ethan, Myrka, and Michelle. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk


In an interview with TLC UK, Liliana revealed why she reacted the way she did. First, she clarified that she never "kicked" her daughter out and believed Myrka did it herself. Liliana felt Myrka chose to leave the house by getting pregnant since she already knew the consequences.

Liliana said she didn't want Myrka to get pregnant as a teenager because she worried about her daughter's future. The single mother wanted her daughter to have a successful career and believed having a child was a hurdle for her. Liliana recalled:

"When Myrka told me she was pregnant, my world came crashing, literally. I couldn't breathe."

Liliana shares her experience. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk

Liliana shares her experience. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk


After Myrka spent three weeks at Ethan's house, Liliana decided to meet her because she didn't want the pregnancy to strain their relationship. Although Myrka's pregnancy was "the worst thing" Liliana went through, she still showed up at Ethan's house and completed the ritual of going to the church with her children.

Liliana explained that after Myrka, Ethan, and his parents decided not to terminate the pregnancy, she felt she was "out of it." She had decided not to take responsibility for Myrka or her child because she believed the baby wasn't related to her. She said:

"People can judge me and people can say that I'm ugly. I really don't care."

Myrka, Angel and Liliana. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk

Myrka, Angel and Liliana. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk


After Liliana decided not to cut ties with her daughter, Myrka felt her relationship with her mother had improved. Although she didn't live with Liliana, Myrka often talked to her during her pregnancy.

When she was 32 weeks pregnant, she invited her mother over for dinner at Ethan's place, expecting Liliana would have a good time with Ethan's parents. A few weeks earlier, Myrka had invited her mother to the gender reveal party, and watching her enjoy herself made everyone think she had accepted Myrka's pregnancy.

At the dinner, Myrka felt relieved to see her mother interacting with Ethan and his family. She had expected her mother would create a fuss, but that didn't happen. Little did she know that her mother would get into an argument with her a few weeks later.

Myrka, Ethan, and Liliana. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk

Myrka, Ethan, and Liliana. | Source: youtube.com/tlc uk


The sight of Liliana mingling with Ethan and his family was a treat to Myrka's eyes. However, that didn't mean Liliana had accepted to support her daughter. She said:

"Being 38 years old and coming to terms with being a grandmother hasn't been easy. I haven't come to terms with it yet."

Although Liliana was glad that Ethan's family supported her daughter's pregnancy, she said it wasn't easy to convince her to do the same. Soon, it was evident that Liliana wasn't proud of her 16-year-old pregnant daughter.



Towards the end of her pregnancy, Myrka wrote a post on Facebook, telling her friends that she wasn't ashamed of her pregnancy. Soon, she received a call from an enraged Liliana, who had publicly disagreed with her post.

"You put it out there for everybody to read!" Liliana said, to which Myrka replied, "Ok. Everybody already knows!" Liliana argued with her daughter on the phone, leaving Myrka in tears. She said her hopes for a relationship with her mother had been dashed after the heated argument.

Meanwhile, Ethan's parents calmed Myrka down by telling her she didn't have to worry about anything because they were there for her. In her interview, Myrka said:

"I believe I have received more love and support throughout these few months from Ethan's parents than I have in my whole life."


It seemed like Myrka had to deliver her baby without her mother's support. Meanwhile, Michelle sympathized with her because she knew the teenager craved her mother's love and support.

What do you think about this story? Did Liliana do the right thing by kicking her daughter out of her house because she wanted to teach her a lesson?

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