Mom Suffering from Infertility Finds Out She's Pregnant, Sees Five Bubbles on Her Ultrasound

Salwa Nadeem
Jul 01, 2022
09:00 A.M.

When a woman almost gave up after trying for a baby after three years, she discovered she was pregnant. What shocked her was seeing five bubbles on her ultrasound a week after her doctor told her there was one baby in her womb.


Infertility disturbs the mental peace of couples yearning to have a baby. Every time they try for a baby and see one line on the pregnancy strip instead of two, they feel shattered.

However, infertile couples can still have babies if they opt for proper fertility treatment. A young Texas couple also consulted a fertility specialist and finally got pregnant, oblivious that God had gifted them five babies instead of one.

The quintuplets. | Source: instagram.com/ibarra.quintss

The quintuplets. | Source: instagram.com/ibarra.quintss


When Brenda Raymundo and her husband, Alejandro, tried having a baby, their doctor diagnosed Raymundo with polycystic ovary syndrome. Her medical condition didn't allow her to have babies until she sought proper treatment.


Raymundo underwent fertility treatment for two months, hoping she would get pregnant one day. After three years of trying for a baby, the couple eventually got the news they had been waiting for.

Soon after discovering her pregnancy, Raymundo thought she had an ectopic pregnancy that endangered her life and rushed to the hospital. She heaved a sigh of relief after the doctors told her they had found a heartbeat in her womb, not knowing she was carrying more than one baby.



The following week, Raymundo returned to the hospital for her routine ultrasound scan. She noticed something odd as she looked at the screen while the sonographer gently stroked the device on her belly. There were five bubbles on the screen.

While Raymundo went for her routine checkups in the following months, her mother feared she would lose the babies.


Confused, Raymundo looked at the sonographer, who was equally shocked. "Is that five?" Raymundo asked. "Yes, there's five," the sonographer replied. Raymundo recalled:

"I started crying. I was worried how they would turn out and if there would be really premature."



The journey from not getting pregnant to seeing five bubbles on the ultrasound results was no less than a rollercoaster ride for Raymundo. She said:

"No one expects to be told one week that they are pregnant with one baby, and then the following week find out there are actually five in there."

However, the best part about expecting five babies after years of infertility was that Raymundo and Alejandro didn't have to spend much time thinking about their names. "Alejandro, Humberto, Antonio Leilany, Amara, Ibarra," Raymundo revealed her quintuplets' names.



While Raymundo went for her routine checkups in the following months, her mother feared she would lose the babies because having quintuplets was rare.

On May 17, 2021, Raymundo and Alejandro became parents to five beautiful babies. The quintuplets stayed in the NICU at Dallas' Parkland Hospital for nearly two months before the doctors allowed them to go home. Raymundo said:

"When I thought I couldn't have kids, it was horrible. I thought I would never be able to be a mom. Now that I have five, it is such a blessing."



Caring for five babies at a time wasn't easy for a first-time mom. The first challenge Raymundo and Alejandro faced as parents was taking their babies home from the hospital. They needed five car seats and two cars to take their quintuplets home since they didn't have a minivan.

After reaching home, Raymundo's mother and brother helped her feed the babies and keep them clean. They required 50 diaper changes daily and a never-ending supply of milk. It was expensive to raise five babies when the couple expected one, especially after Alejandro stopped working because of an accident.

Despite feeling exhausted after caring for her little ones, Raymundo felt blessed to have five healthy babies in her house since she had yearned to become a mother for years.



With her mother's help, Raymundo raised her babies and looked forward to celebrating their first birthday in May 2022. She was happy to see her children develop different personalities. According to her, two of them had learned how to stand and would soon start walking. The mother-of-five said:

"We are so happy they are healthy and give thanks [to God] every day for them."

Raymundo revealed it had become easier to look after her quintuplets because now they didn't have reflux, so she didn't have to feed them as frequently. However, there were still many things she struggled with.



The quint mom shared her struggles with the world through her TikTok account, with more than 230,000 people following her. Raymundo said buying diapers for five babies while the prices rose every month was indeed difficult for her. Moreover, the shortage of formula milk had also disturbed her. She said:

"Two were on special formula for reflux. Now, I can't find it."

Despite facing many daily challenges, Raymundo felt motivated to look after her babies. She also advised new mothers not to feel frightened about raising a child because once a woman becomes a mother, she knows what her baby wants, and her child also trusts her.


Raymundo's miraculous story proves that children are the flowers in the garden of life. She felt delighted to see them every day and thanked God for their existence, no matter how tired she felt after taking care of them.

If you enjoyed reading today's inspirational story, please share it with parents in your circle who tirelessly look after their children all day long. Reading about Raymundo's journey would keep them motivated.

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