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Mom Doesn't Want Her Daughter with Down Syndrome to Give Birth to a Baby: 'They Can Have a Dog'

Salwa Nadeem
Jul 04, 2022
07:00 A.M.
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When an Australian woman with Down syndrome decided to get married to her fiancé, she expressed her wish to start a family. The woman's mother opposed her decision, saying, "they can have a dog." Little did she know that she would get slammed for expressing her opinion publicly.


When a couple gets married, they often look forward to starting their family by having kids. The journey of parenthood excites them, and they feel motivated to raise children together.

In some rare cases, parents of the couple don't want them to have babies, despite knowing that every human being has the right to decide if they're going to become parents. Today's story also revolves around a similar incident that sparked a debate among people.

Alex Fincher. | Source: facebook.com/SBS Australia

Alex Fincher. | Source: facebook.com/SBS Australia



The unique love story of Alex Fincher and Ryan came to light in an episode of "Love Me As I Am: Untold Australia." The couple met at their drama class for intellectually disabled people.

Both Alex and Ryan had Down syndrome, so becoming friends was an easy task for them. In no time, they became best buddies, and soon Ryan expressed his feelings before her, asking:

"Will you be my girlfriend?"



At that time, Alex only considered him a friend, so she politely turned him down. But her refusal didn't stop Ryan from expressing his feelings. After every few weeks, he would ask the same question and receive the same response from Fincher. She recalled:

"One night, at our friend’s birthday party, he came up to me again."


That night, Alex looked into her best friend's eyes and realized he wasn't that bad. "I think you are right," Alex said.

Later, she told her mother, Maria Fincher, about starting a new relationship with Ryan, and she wholeheartedly approved it. Little did Maria know that she would soon oppose her daughter's decisions.

People who watched the Australian documentary slammed Maria, objecting to her statement that implied people with Down syndrome couldn't raise children.



In 2017, Ryan went down on his knees, held a ring, and asked his girlfriend if she would like to marry him. They received immense love and support from their families and continued to enjoy life with each other.

After spending time as an engaged couple for two years, the couple decided to get married. In 2019, they started planning their wedding when they got featured in the SBS documentary and talked about starting their family. When asked about having children, Alex said:

"Yeah, that would be good."



Ryan, who was two years younger than his fiancée, also agreed to have babies. However, Maria was concerned about her daughter. She feared she would have to look after her grandchild. She said:

"There is no way that Alex and Ryan will have children."

According to Maria, she and her husband would have to care for the baby like their own, and they weren't ready for it. "They can have a dog," she added. The worried mother was unaware that her public statement would spark a debate among viewers.



People who watched the Australian documentary slammed Maria, objecting to her statement that implied people with Down syndrome couldn't raise children. Michelle O'Flynn, the director of disability group Queensland Advocacy Incorporated, said:

"First of all, people with disabilities and people with Down syndrome have the same rights to bodily integrity, to family and relationships as any of us and it's not the decision of the parents."

O'Flynn expressed her concerns regarding people doubting their children's ability to become parents. Despite having a daughter with mental impairment, she disagreed with Maria and believed the child's responsibility wouldn't come to the grandparents.

Maria Fincher. | Source: facebook.com/SBS Australia

Maria Fincher. | Source: facebook.com/SBS Australia


O'Flynn also said people with Down syndrome could live a good life if people started recognizing them and gave them a chance to do what they wanted. She stated:


"People with disabilities are part of the richness and fabric of our society."

People on social media also shared their opinions regarding Alex and Ryan's decision to get married. "All the best to them...have a wonderful life together!" said one Facebook user, while another wished them luck saying, "They'll have cute babies for sure. Good luck to them both."

User comments on SBS Australia’s Facebook post about Alex and Ryan. | Source: facebook.com/SBS Australia

User comments on SBS Australia’s Facebook post about Alex and Ryan. | Source: facebook.com/SBS Australia


A Facebook user shared that her son with autism is soon marrying his partner, and she was so happy for them. She believed people with disabilities had the right to live like others.

This adorable love story teaches us that all people have the same feelings, and it doesn't matter if they are born with a disability. After all, all human beings are born equal.


Do you agree with Maria's statement about her daughter? Do you think people with Down syndrome should have children? Will they depend on others to help them raise their kids?

Let us know your opinions in the comments. Liked this story? Share it with your friends to give them their daily dose of inspiration.

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