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'Heartbroken' NE-Yo's Wife Claims She Is Ready to Walk Away from Him after 'Eight Years of Lies'

Daniella Segell
Aug 02, 2022
12:05 P.M.

Staying married without scandals in Hollywood is something of a miracle. Usually, there will be rumors and breakups along the way to a star's happy ending. However, for Ne-Yo, there is no happy ending in sight.


Ne-Yo and his wife, Crystal Renay, have been together for a couple of years now. The couple first announced their engagement in 2015, and by February 2016, the couple was married in a ceremony that was a first for them both.

The lavish ceremony was proudly shared with the public through People, with Ne-Yo expressing his excitement at being able to marry Crystal. Just one month after the wedding, Crystal gave birth to the pair's son, Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr.

Ne-Yo and Crystal Smith attend the 2022 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

Ne-Yo and Crystal Smith attend the 2022 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

Two years after welcoming Shaffer, Crystal gave birth to Roman Alexander-Raj Smith. However, in 2020 the couple announced that they would be divorcing amicably. It was the COVID-19 quarantine period that brought the pair back together.


While the singer was the one to end the marriage, Ne-Yo expressed his heartbreak at getting divorced and subsequent relief at getting back together with Crystal, saying:

“I did not want to get divorced. I was really, really broken up about it. It didn’t feel right. It didn’t make any sense to me.”


Now, two years after initially announcing that they would be divorcing, the couple has run into yet another relationship obstacle. This time, though, it is not one that they will be able to jump over together.


While Ne-Yo is a household name, his wife is someone who is more under the radar. Crystal was the bombshell beauty who stole Ne-Yo's heart while he was on tour. However, before meeting him, she had demons of her own.


It was a bad decision on Ne-Yo's part that caused Crystal to reassess how she was dealing with her trauma. He revealed that they weren't really talking at the time, and he decided the best course of action would be to get divorced.

Crystal was devastated when she discovered through the tabloids that Ne-Yo was divorcing her. The singer said that he told the press before he told his wife so that he could get ahead of the story. For Crystal, the situation was humiliating.

Ne-Yo said that he heard the information about their relationship woes had gotten out, and he wanted to be the one to break the news as he didn't believe in receiving information from a third party.


Crystal was in an abusive relationship before meeting the singer and decided to go to therapy after her relationship with Ne-Yo fell apart so that she could deal with all of her trauma. She shared:

“I feel like that was the right step for me to get past it, so whether we were going to be together or not, I had to heal for myself so I could get up and perform for my kids.”

It was the first marriage for both of them, and they had two kids to think of during their separation. Despite the trauma caused by the divorce announcement, the couple managed to come back stronger when they repaired their relationship.


After the pair reconciled, they welcomed their daughter, Isabella Rose, in June 2021. However, this was not the end of the couple's marriage woes, and unfortunately for their family, the worst was yet to come.

While Ne-Yo was the one to call it quits in 2020, this time, Crystal stood up for herself against Ne-Yo and his extra-marital affairs. She announced that she would no longer put up with the disrespect.



Ne-Yo and Crystal did their best to get their relationship back on a healthy footing, and once they managed to do so, they decided that they should renew their vows. The couple never got divorced, so the ceremony was more symbolic.

The ceremony was held in April 2022, but three months after the couple once again vowed to love each other for better or worse, their marriage crumbled again. Crystal announced the dissolution of their marriage on Instagram.

After being humiliated by Ne-Yo in 2020 and then learning that he had not stopped the behavior that led to their marriage falling apart then, Crystal drew a line in the sand regarding his blatant disrespect.


Before the announcement by Crystal, Ne-Yo spoke to The Independent about their marital issues, saying that they had become better at conflict resolution. He admitted:

“We really used to be bad about letting things fester. But we’ve gotten better at finding our way to the resolution sooner, as opposed to just staying mad for however long. That’s not healthy for you, or your marriage.”

These words proved useless against Crystal's accusations against Ne-Yo on her Instagram page on July 30, 2022. She shared the reason that she was walking away from the marriage for good in a statement written on a black background.


In the statement, she cited Ne-Yo's infidelity as the reason for her leaving him once and for all. She stated that he had had numerous affairs in which he participated in unprotected intercourse each time.

Crystal then mentioned that she was "disgusted" with his behavior and said that she had endured eight years of deceit at the hands of her husband. Despite working their issues out and renewing their vows, the couple could no longer last.

While berating Ne-Yo for his actions, Crystal mentioned that the only thing she gained from her relationship with the singer was her three beautiful children. She felt the rest was wasted time and energy.


She then asked that people stop sending her videos or information proving that Ne-Yo was cheating as she was no longer in a relationship with him. She clarified:

“What he does is no longer my concern.”

In response to her Instagram post, Ne-Yo took to Twitter to ask for privacy during this trying time. He mentioned that he and his family would deal with their issues behind closed doors for the sake of their children.

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