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Texas Girl, 10, Spends 66 Days Battling for Life after Uvalde Tragedy – Finally Goes Home to Doctors' Cheers

Brittany Chalmers
Aug 03, 2022
10:35 A.M.
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A little girl's life was changed forever when the unthinkable happened. The painful memories traumatized her and her family, but she remained a fighter. Read her incredible story of resilience amid devastating circumstances.


Life isn't fair, and sometimes it throws obstacles and painful experiences our way. It forces us to grow up and become brave overnight. A family's world was turned upside down after a shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas.

One of the affected families was anxious to discover the fate of their little girl. She suffered critical injuries and many mental scars. Despite the gut-wrenching event, she managed to smile, letting the world know joy can be found after a tragedy.

Mayah Zamora and the hospital staff. | Source: twitter.com/@UnivHealthSA

Mayah Zamora and the hospital staff. | Source: twitter.com/@UnivHealthSA



Mayah Zamora was just like any other 10-year-old who enjoyed school and loved hanging out with her friends. However, her carefree youth was abruptly ripped away in May 2022.

Nobody would have blamed Mayah if she had been emotionally crushed by the traumatic ordeal, choosing to exit the medical facility quietly. However, the little girl had other plans.

Her school, Robb Elementary, came under attack, and the incident affected many families. Children and teachers were killed, while many students suffered physical and emotional wounds.

Mayah Zamora leaving the hospital. | Source: twitter.com/@UnivHealthSA

Mayah Zamora leaving the hospital. | Source: twitter.com/@UnivHealthSA


Mayah experienced an encounter she would never forget, and her critical injuries resulted in an extended 66-day hospital stay. Doctors worked hard to ensure she made a full recovery, performing surgeries and lots of physical therapy.


However, it was the little girl's determination that surprised everyone. Her brother shared that they didn't know how long her recovery period would be, but he had faith in his sister. He wrote:

"I’ll tell you what, she is strong, she is determined, she is stubborn, she is hard-headed, and on top of all that, she wants to get out of hospital. She has surprised the doctors so much, and she’s gunning for more."

Mayah Zamora and the hospital staff. | Source: twitter.com/@UnivHealthSA

Mayah Zamora and the hospital staff. | Source: twitter.com/@UnivHealthSA



Mayah was discharged at the end of July, and her farewell was inspiring. The youngster walked through the hospital passage with her head held high and a determination that proved she wasn't giving up.

Nobody would have blamed Mayah if she had been emotionally crushed by the traumatic ordeal, choosing to exit the medical facility quietly. However, the little girl had other plans. Her brave actions shared a message of hope and power.



Mayah handed single stem roses to the hospital staff as she said goodbye. They cheered for her, chanting her name as she made her way out of the building—it was an emotional moment for many.

The youngster displayed fortitude and was also visibly excited to leave the place that had become her home for over two months.

As the little girl reached the parking lot, she stopped to take photos and even struck a pose before getting into the car. Her smile was unmissable and served as an encouragement for everyone.



Mayah was the final Uvalde patient discharged from University Hospital, and she was eager to start rebuilding her life in the outside world again.

The little girl's positive attitude touched the medical personnel. On Twitter, they shared that she left in style, adding:

"Today was a happy day at University Hospital! Our final patient from the Uvalde shooting, ten-year-old Mayah Zamora, was discharged! She is our hero. We can’t wait to see all she accomplishes in the future!"



The family created a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of Mayah's recovery journey, which included surgeries and therapy. On the page, the family said:

"Hello, we are the family of Mayah Zamora. We created this Go Fund Me for those who wish to reach Mayah with their loving donation. It will be used towards Mayah’s long road to recovery."

Strangers, friends, and family members donated and helped where possible, ensuring the little girl received all the treatment she needed. By August 3, 2022, more than $114,000 had been raised on behalf of Mayah.



The pupils of Robb Elementary School will never set foot in the educational building again following the tragic event. It was shut down, and thanks to generous donors, a new campus will be built.

Students like Mayah can thus move on and heal in a place that isn't filled with traumatic memories. Grocery chain H-E-B's Chairman Charles Butt shared:

"I join with my family and H-E-B in working to ensure the Uvalde community can move forward from this tragic event ... we want to honor their legacy as we work to build our future."



People worldwide were touched by the tragic events that unfolded in Uvalde. Many offered prayers for those affected, and netizens also shared support for little Mayah.

They were touched by her devastating story and wished her the best going forward:

"Grateful for her recovery, inspired by her strength, but so angry she and so many go through this."

- (@AnnaForFlorida) July 30, 2022

"I hope she heals mentally and physically from this horrible event. My thoughts are with her and her family."

- (@MoFun712) July 30, 2022


"I wish this baby girl nothing but peace, good health, and joy forever. She deserves all good things. I wish her family the same as they all try to recover emotionally together."

- (@MelodieInCLE) August 2, 2022

"Sweet, sweet girl. Sigh. Wishing her and her family all the loving healing that can be mustered."

- (@mic_oregon) July 30, 2022


No person should have to face the pain and trauma that Mayah did. While there is still a long road to recovery ahead for her, her positivity and bravery thus far have encouraged many people.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family as they heal and process the horrific ordeal.

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