Woman Goes to Check on Elderly Friend during Kentucky Flood, Dies after Being Caught in a Current

Brittany Chalmers
Aug 04, 2022
05:35 P.M.

One woman's kindness and concern knew no limits, and she always put others before herself. She didn't worry about her safety when checking on her elderly neighbor— sadly, it cost her everything.


Would you risk your life for someone else? Many people would give up their comfort and security for their family, but few would do so for someone they didn't know well.

In a world full of negative news, one selfless woman's story will inspire you to care for everyone around you. Grab your tissues and read about her heartbreakingly heroic deed.


If there were an award for the best neighbor, it would go to Eva Nicole "Nikki" Slone of Kentucky. The 50-year-old woman didn't live life with blinkers on. Instead, she made a difference by spreading care and kindness wherever she went.


Friends, family, and those she didn't know well would attest to Slone's unmissably beautiful heart. She was there when the going got tough and remained the rock in many people's lives.


Slone's greatest joy was her family, which consisted of three children and a few grandkids. Her family described her as a woman who loved to laugh and occasionally enjoyed trying her luck at the slot machines and bingo nights.

However, her day-to-day life was turned on its head in July 2022. The weather forecast looked grim in her area of Pippa Passes, Knott County, and she knew she might be in danger as the rains continued to pour.



While many people would've packed up their things, gotten in their car, and driven to safety, Slone was different. Her first instinct wasn't thinking about herself—she was always focused on the people around her.

Slone was worried about her elderly neighbor, and as floods swept across their region, Slone did something brave—her actions proved that she was undeniably dependable and selfless. Her daughter, Misty Franklin, shared:


"My mom was a very caring woman. She loved her family more than anything and had the biggest heart."


Nobody would have blamed Slone if she only thought of herself. However, her daughter revealed what happened on that fateful day:

"She went out that night to check on an elderly lady to make sure she was okay because that lady really didn’t have any family. My mom would always check up on her and bring her food."


To everyone's shock and surprise, Slone stopped replying to messages, and the family quickly realized something was wrong. They were aware of the violent floods and feared the worst.


Authorities eventually located Slone close to her home. She had tragically passed away in an attempt to check on her friend. Franklin said:


"I honestly think she got out of the car to try to make it home, but she had Addison’s Disease, and when she gets stressed, her body tries to shut down and throws her into seizures."

"I think when she got out of the car, she was probably trying to fight back a seizure [but] the current was too much," the daughter added. Franklin was devastated but also immensely proud of her mom, who set an example for her.


Messages of love and grief displayed the beautiful person Slone was. Friends and family recalled her unmissable kindness and love, expressing just how much she would be missed:


"She’s sure gonna be missed like crazy. She was one [expletive] of a person. She and her family has always been a part of my family for as long as I can remember."

- (Donovan Melton) August 1, 2022

"I loved my mother-in-law to no ends. I don’t know what I will do without her. She was always one phone call away. She never failed to show up when I needed her the most."

- (Christin Gibson) July 30, 2022

"She was one of the best people. I was blessed to call her my cousin. So sad."

- (Zach Isaac) July 31, 2022



Losing a loved one is never easy, and healing can take a long time. Slone's death touched many and encouraged people to value the friends and family members in their lives.

Slone's loved ones would always cherish their memories together and remember her as a hero. Franklin expressed:

"If you had her as a friend, you had someone who would always be in your corner when times got tough."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Slone's family and friends in the aftermath of her tragic passing.

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