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Terminally Ill 7-Year-Old Boy 'Marries' Mom in Touching Beauty-And-The-Beast 'Wedding'

Salwa Nadeem
Aug 26, 2022
08:25 A.M.

In a pretend wedding ceremony, a mother walked down the aisle with her seven-year-old terminally ill son, who had a few years to live. She wanted to fulfill his wish of getting married before he took his last breath.


As a parent, seeing your child suffer is the worst thing. Unfortunately, some parents have to see their children battle diseases that sometimes become life-threatening. Despite feeling hurt, they cannot do anything to change their fate. All they can do is try to make their child smile however they can.

The mother in today's story was also in the same boat after the doctors declared that her son had a few more years to live. Instead of crying, she stayed strong and tried to fulfill her little one's wishes, including the boy's desire to get married to his mother.

Joelean and Logan Mountcastle with the guests. | Source: Youtube.com/Daily Mail

Joelean and Logan Mountcastle with the guests. | Source: Youtube.com/Daily Mail


In the summer of 2017, a seven-year-old boy's life turned upside down when he fell on the ground while playing. Logan Mountcastle from Gainsborough, UK, loved riding his bike outdoors like other children, but things took a different turn when the doctors ran tests on him.


In December 2017, Logan's mother, Joelean Mountcastle's world came crashing down when her son's doctor told her he had a rare genetic disorder that would eventually affect his quality of life. The medical reports suggested Logan had at least three years to live, and at most, fifteen.

When Joelean heard the doctors tell her about her son's incurable condition, she felt heartbroken. She didn't want to watch her son suffer. To see his condition deteriorate. But the selfless mother knew she had to be strong for her son. Joelean didn't have the option to feel upset and cry because of her terminally ill baby.



Joelean knew her son's biggest wish was to get married. He wanted to dress as a groom and walk down the aisle with his bride. He had talked about his wish many times before his diagnosis. Joelean revealed:

"He's always said that he wanted to marry mummy, which I thought was a bit bizarre, but he is never going to get the chance when he is older."

The mom-of-three wanted to fulfill all of Logan's wishes before it was too late, so she decided to arrange a pretend wedding ceremony for him.



When Joelean told her friends and family about her son's wish, they were more than happy to raise funds for it. They set up a JustGiving page for Logan's dream wedding ceremony.

Meanwhile, Joelean's father helped her arrange the transport for that day. She said, "it makes her want to cry," looking at how people had selflessly donated for her son. She felt grateful and thanked everyone who had helped her out. She said:

"It is something to look forward to and is a memory we can build while he can remember it."



Logan's favorite movie was "Beauty and the Beast," so Joelean chose it as the theme for her little one's party. She dressed Logan in an off-white suit, making him look like a prince, and wore a beautiful blue gown herself.

The mother worked tirelessly to set up the decor and ensure all her guests would enjoy the party. She had booked the Gainsborough Liberal Club for the ceremony and hoped it would turn out perfectly.

On August 11, 2018, Joelean walked with her son down the aisle while the guests watched them with tears in their eyes. She was happy to see that so many of her friends and family had taken out time from their busy schedules to make her son's dream come true.

Logan and Joelean Mountcastle. | Source: Youtube.com/Daily Mail

Logan and Joelean Mountcastle. | Source: Youtube.com/Daily Mail



Joelean didn't read traditional wedding vows to her little groom. Instead, she promised him she would always keep him safe. The methodist minister said:

"Obviously it is not a wedding really, it's a family blessing and with promises to look after each other. It was a privilege to be involved."

"It has been really emotional. I am overwhelmed. I can't get over how many people have come today," Joelean said. She was glad her son's dream had finally come true.

Logan and Joelean Mountcastle with their family, guests and Methodist minister. | Source: Youtube.com/Daily Mail

Logan and Joelean Mountcastle with their family, guests and Methodist minister. | Source: Youtube.com/Daily Mail


Watching his biggest dream come true was a fantastic experience for little Logan. He felt delighted to have friends and family around him while getting hitched to his favorite girl ― his mother. Joelean said:


"And you can tell how much he has enjoyed it. He is overwhelmed. All the children have been excited and counting how many sleeps there were until today."

A part of Joelean felt terrible knowing her son had a limited time to live. She had never imagined fate would shatter her dreams with the devastating news of her son's terminal illness. However, after seeing him enjoy the pretend wedding ceremony, a part of her felt happy.

Share this story with your friends and family to appreciate Joelean's efforts. She has proved that mothers are strong beings who can do anything for their children's happiness.

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