Brooklyn Moran | Flowers and gifts in the place of the accident | Source: Youtube.com/fox4news | Facebook.com/Marcelo Perez
Brooklyn Moran | Flowers and gifts in the place of the accident | Source: Youtube.com/fox4news | Facebook.com/Marcelo Perez

Texas Girl Is Killed in Car Crash on Her Way to a Soccer Game with Mom by Her Side

Salwa Nadeem
Sep 14, 2022
04:20 P.M.

While a 13-year-old Texas girl was on her way to a soccer game with her mother, she was unaware that her life would soon end. The teenager breathed her last after a vehicle suddenly collided head-on with their SUV.


The strange part about life is that no one knows when they will die. One moment, a person is having a good time surrounded by their loved ones. The next, they breathe their last.

The girl in today's story lost her life in a tragic incident when none of her family members had ever imagined losing her. It happened while her mother was driving her to a soccer game.

A Passionate Teenager

Brooklyn Moran, an eighth grader at Hudson Middle School, Sachse, Texas, was a passionate soccer player. She was a part of the Dallas Texans 09G ECNL team and was known for her excellent game.


Besides soccer, there was something else that kept 13-year-old Moran busy. She firmly believed in God and regularly visited the church on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Moran's teammates called her "Mighty" because of her impressive soccer skills. She was a significant part of the team, and they all loved being around her. However, none of them were aware that she would soon close her eyes forever.

Match Day

On September 9, 2022, Moran hopped into her mother's SUV, hoping to reach her soccer match venue on time. She was all set to give the opposing team a hard time, but fate had other plans.


Since Moran's mother wasn't aware of her daughter's death, her family members prepared to break the shocking news to her.

While driving along Castle Drive, a car head-on collided with their SUV. Soon after the accident, the paramedics arrived and moved Moran and her mother to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, the teenager succumbed to her injuries the next day.

The Horrifying Crash

Authorities investigating the case concluded that 30-year-old Jeremy Spencer was driving the other vehicle. The police arrested him after he was taken to the hospital from the accident site. The authorities suspected Spencer had lost control of his car because he was impaired.


Moran's friend was also traveling with her, but she, fortunately, survived the crash. However, Moran's mother was in critical condition in the hospital and had no idea that her daughter had passed away. Moran's friend, Luxsha Amarasingham, said:

"She was so welcoming to me. It's horrible to lose her."

The Painful Truth

Since Moran's mother wasn't aware of her daughter's death, her family members prepared to break the shocking news to her. She had injuries that would take months to heal. Until then, the doctors planned to keep her in the hospital.


Moran's grandmother, Cindy Simmons, talked her heart out in an interview with FOX 4. She felt her "heart would never heal" after learning about the painful tragedy. She said:

"I never have known a child who had so much faith already."

Her Grandmother's Message

While Simmons prepared to break the news of Moran's death to her daughter, she believed Moran's mother "would never be the same" mentally and physically. She also felt terrible after learning that Spencer was convicted of driving while intoxicated in 2021.


"We've got to bring tougher laws on the drinking and driving," Simmons said. She urged the authorities to take action before other people lost their lives because of such incidents. Moran's friend, Kloe Booker, added:

"There are so many other ways you can get home. Call somebody or just stay there until you feel better, but don't drive — because this whole situation could've been completely avoided."

Remembering Moran

On September 11, 2022, Moran's friends gathered at Hudson Middle School to pay their tributes. They remembered her in good words and shared their feelings. Emma Grace Rose said:


"She always wanted to be the best at everything. And she was the best at everything."

Another friend added that Moran always encouraged her friends to do their best. Meanwhile, Riley Balderson, a close friend of Moran, said she "couldn't even go thirty minutes without talking to her." It was difficult for Balderson to accept that Moran was no more.

Moran's friends remembered her by releasing pink balloons in the air because that was her favorite color. Some friends wrote messages for Moran on white roses and released them in the water. Meanwhile, Marcelo Perez set up a fundraiser for Moran.


"I had the pleasure of being the manager for the Dallas Texans 09 team for about seven years," Perez said while remembering Moran. He described her as a "sweet" and "loving" girl and asked people for donations to help Moran's family with their medical bills.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Moran's family and friends as they deal with the unimaginable pain of this heartbreaking tragedy. We extend our sincere condolences to Moran's family.

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