Bree and Greg Zaccaro, 2018 | Bree Zaccaro's Ultrasound Image, 2021 | Source: Facebook.com/lovewhatreallymatters | Facebook.com/bree.gelberger
Bree and Greg Zaccaro, 2018 | Bree Zaccaro's Ultrasound Image, 2021 | Source: Facebook.com/lovewhatreallymatters | Facebook.com/bree.gelberger

Pregnant Woman Goes for an Ultrasound – Sees 6 Black Circles around Her Baby on the Screen

Junie Sihlangu
Oct 17, 2023
05:52 A.M.

A mother felt her stomach twist upon seeing six black circles surrounding her baby on the ultrasound screen. She was afraid it meant something was wrong, especially after having gone through a painful miscarriage a couple of months before.


After quickly getting pregnant with her first-born son, Bree Zaccaro figured it would be the same experience for her second child. However, this was not the case, and she and her husband, Greg Zaccaro, endured a lot of struggles trying to grow their family.

It took several months before a positive pregnancy test landed on the mother's lap. Despite the long wait, she was ecstatic to find out she was with child. However, things didn't go as expected.

A Nightmare Awaited


Bree waited until the eight-week mark to get her first ultrasound so she could hear her baby's heartbeat. However, technicians left her confused when they told her that based on the measurements they saw, she was only six weeks pregnant, and her baby's heartbeat was still very faint.

They told her to return for another check-up a week later. She felt something was wrong during the wait because her sickness would come and go. Unfortunately, when she arrived at the clinic, her hunch was proven right — they discovered that the baby's heartbeat was gone.


It was a nightmare that Bree wished she could wake up from. It hit her very hard, and she had to undergo a D&C surgery days after. The trauma she experienced with the miscarriage stayed with her for some time.

Finding Courage to Try Again

Bree was heartbroken and grieved the loss for a month, crying and blaming herself for what happened. However, through an online community, she finally healed and opened up to the idea of trying to get pregnant again.


On her son's second birthday, she took a pregnancy test, which turned out positive! This time, though, she tried to control her emotions, afraid things might go wrong again.

Waiting for the eight-week ultrasound felt like an eternity for Bree, who anticipated it more than anything. When she got to the clinic, she prayed that she was carrying a healthy baby.

A Surprising Find

True enough, Bree could hear and see the waves of her baby's heartbeat! However, that wasn't the only thing she saw on the screen — she also saw several black circles surrounding her baby.


"What are those?" she worriedly asked the technician. "I don't know," the professional replied, and suddenly, Bree felt weak again. She couldn't go through another miscarriage — she didn't know if she could do it again.


The technician told her that it may be sacs and she may be carrying multiples, but they couldn't be seen in the ultrasound yet. Unfortunately, the next two months would prove to be some of the most challenging times of her pregnancy.

Making Sense of the Sacs

Bree's OBGYN was just as confused as the technician. The medical professional admitted she didn't know if the pregnancy was viable, so Bree was sent to a high-risk doctor who confessed they didn't know what to make of the sacs.


What the doctor did say, though, was that he had a feeling the sacs would go away in time. It was a difficult pregnancy for Bree, who bled daily for the next eight weeks. The doctor put her on bed rest and told her she was not allowed to do any physical activity, but it was all worth it.

Giving Birth to a Healthy Baby Girl

By Bree's 20-week ultrasound, they discovered the doctor was right as the sacs were gone! They monitored the healthy baby every month until Bree was ready to give birth.


At 36 weeks, Bree gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Ella. She never found out what the sacs were, but Bree likes to think these were guardian angels, ensuring she didn't have to lose another baby.

By 2023, Greg and Bree's second child, who was welcomed in 2021, was now a two-year-old toddler. On January 2023, Ella's mother appeared in a Facebook post with the growing child held in her arms while standing in the offices of her doula business, Breezy.

In May 2023, the mother of two appeared in another Facebook post with her children and husband. The family of four posed for the photo while seated on the grass in a place that looked close to the lake.


In September 2023, Bree shared the latest picture of her family. They had gathered together for a photo. Greg carried their son in the photo, and his wife held baby Ella. The image was taken at someone's birthday party.


In another touching story, a mother-to-be discovered she needed to terminate her pregnancy to save herself. She refused to give up and powered through until the end.

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