Becca Wilks | Source: TikTok.com/Theali.house
Becca Wilks | Source: TikTok.com/Theali.house

Woman Shaved Her Face Daily since She Was 14, Now Lets Her Beard Grow after Finding Love

Vanessa Seifert
Jul 17, 2023
11:00 A.M.
  • Becca Wilks, a 28-year-old TikTok creator, opened up about her experience of living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • One of the symptoms of PCOS is excess hair on the body, and Wilks shared her shaving routine with her followers.
  • Now she embraces her condition and has inspired other women to do the same.

Becca Wilks, a 28-year-old woman from Birmingham, has been using her social media platform to defy beauty standards.

Wilks is a TikTok creator who has lived with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) since she was 14. Her puberty years were not easy because one side effect of this condition includes having excess body hair on the face, chest, stomach, and back.


The 28-year-old also experiences it on her arms, hands, and legs. After several years of being bullied for her medical condition, Wilks has finally reached a place where she loves herself and does not allow the hair on her body to define her beauty.

Wilks opened up about some of the harsh things she went through during puberty. She said the hair on her legs, neck, and chin was prominent by age 14.

At the time, Wilks had not been diagnosed nor informed on the proper ways to shave. "I remember using my mum's razors and hair remover cream without her knowing – one time, the cream caused a nasty burn," she revealed.


However, kids her age did not stop bullying her with insults about how she looked, which only made things difficult for Wilks. She would try to cover up her razor burns with cheap makeup, but the tiny hairs would still poke out.

The trouble she went through to avoid the cruelty from other kids did not pay off. At 18, Wilks cut her neck while shaving and opened herself to more hateful words.

It was difficult for her to avoid any reactions from shaving because of the mandatory school uniform she had to wear. The tights and trousers caused her pain and irritation.

Becca Wilks | Source: Tik Tok.com/Theali.house

Becca Wilks | Source: Tik Tok.com/Theali.house

Wilks said she had sought out medical assistance, but doctors ignored her PCOS symptoms for many years. Besides the excess hair, she also suffered from extreme period pains, ovarian cysts, fluctuating weight gain, and fertility loss.


Becca Wilks Shares Her Shaving Routine

Part of Wilks' self-love journey and efforts to raise awareness about PCOS was sharing her shaving routine with her followers. She exposed some of the hidden details of living with the condition, like the years of discoloration her skin endured and the process of finding a routine that worked for her skin.

Screenshot of a comment about Becca Wilks. | Source: Tik Tok.com/Theali.house

Screenshot of a comment about Becca Wilks. | Source: Tik Tok.com/Theali.house

As she shaved her face, Wilks opened up about some of the insecurities of being a woman who constantly shaves her face. She even worried about her husband's reaction. "When I got married, I was so nervous for him to see me shave," confessed the TikTok creator.

However, Wilks realized that her husband would not stop loving her because of her PCOS. Therefore, she wanted to encourage other women not to let their condition determine their beauty and likeability.

Screenshot of comments about Becca Wilks. | Source: Tik Tok.com/Theali.house

Screenshot of comments about Becca Wilks. | Source: Tik Tok.com/Theali.house

While shaving weekly can be annoying, Wilks would rather get rid of the hair than have it grip on her hijab and cause more irritation. As a content creator, Wilks hopes that her vulnerability will help others who have been newly diagnosed or have suffered for many years to know they are not alone in dealing with PCOS.

Although Wilks still shaves her face, it is not always a priority since she has grown to embrace her hair. She said she sometimes goes three weeks without shaving when she is busy.

Screenshot of a comment about Becca Wilks. | Source: Instagra.com/Dailymail

Screenshot of a comment about Becca Wilks. | Source: Instagra.com/Dailymail


Instead of letting the hair consume her life, Wilks has decided to give other parts of her life more attention. She reiterated:

"There are bigger things in life, and I think my hair growing long on my neck is not one of them — and if I am not bothered, I do not care about the opinions of others."

Wilks' openness about her struggles has led her to build a safe space for women to share some of their difficulties. In addition to creating an environment to speak about PCOS freely, Wilks has also encouraged women to embrace their condition and confidently step out of the house without makeup.

Her candid video also had people telling her to permanently remove the hair using laser hair removal treatments. Even though Wilks said she did not care about her beard, some commenters said excess hair should be something to worry about.

Screenshot of a comment about Becca Wilks. | Source: Instagra.com/Dailymail

Screenshot of a comment about Becca Wilks. | Source: Instagra.com/Dailymail


Despite the negative comments she has encountered, Wilks expressed that sharing her story and meeting people with PCOS has become a kind of therapy for her. Most importantly, she wants to create a platform where she could authentically express herself and for it to be known that hair is normal for women.

Becca Wilks’ Husband’s Reaction to Her PCOS

Wilks shared a video of her and her husband answering questions about her PCOS. One of the questions was how her husband reacted to her diagnosis.


Her husband did not even know what PCOS was at the time, so he did not know what to make of his wife's confession. However, he remembered dealing with some of his wife's symptoms, like extreme sugar cravings and fluctuating moods.

Wilks also asked her husband what he thought when he first saw her shave. Again, he had no problem with it, but he would have preferred for his wife not to use his razors. The couple laughed about it, but Wilks explained that it was when she still shaved with whatever she had at her disposal.

Her husband encouraged women who are shy to tell their partners about their PCOS because it is a medical condition that cannot be changed.

Here is an inspiring story about a woman whose bullies called her the "ugliest woman alive."

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