Photo of "The Circle" cast | Source: Instagram/thecirclenetflix
Photo of "The Circle" cast | Source: Instagram/thecirclenetflix

‘The Circle’ Season 6: The Hit Netflix Show Will Have Another Season

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Oct 07, 2023
07:35 A.M.

Many viewers wonder if there will be a Season 6 of "The Circle," including its auditions and release date. Netflix has recently renewed the show; this time, there's a change of scenery in store.


"The Circle" is a captivating series on Netflix with a mesmerizing blend of strategy, deception, and human connection, all with a tempting prize hanging in the balance.

The cast for the upcoming season remains a well-guarded secret, but fans speculate about the alliances, rivalries, dramas, and surprises that lie ahead. One thing's for sure: The show's new season is back on track.

Samantha Carmona "The Circle" season five winner attends FYSEE Reali-Tea | Netflix at Red Studios on May 13, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

Samantha Carmona "The Circle" season five winner attends FYSEE Reali-Tea | Netflix at Red Studios on May 13, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

What Is 'The Circle' TV Show

Netflix boasts a rich array of series spanning genres like drama, horror, docu-series, and reality shows. Adding to the list is "The Circle," a show that mixes a social experiment concept and a competitive environment, with all eyes fixed on the top prize of $100,000.


However, there's a twist—the contestants are isolated in their apartment, and their only way to communicate with one another is through virtual interactions on the show's social media platform called "The Circle."

As the show progresses, it presents a series of intense dramatic situations, spirited conversations, and unexpected revelations, creating an exhilarating experience for both contestants and viewers alike.

What makes the show intriguing is its unique twist on anonymity, which revolves around how people interact with social media. Contestants communicate using a voice-activated app; their true identities are hidden until they are eliminated or meet someone in person.

The show, reminiscent of the renowned "Big Brother" reality television series, involves strategic gameplay, humorous moments, and potential romantic connections. On top of this, deception is an essential strategy, with some players creating fake profiles to gain popularity.


Players who have felt judged or misunderstood throughout their lives may create a profile that aligns with what they perceive as a more relatable persona. But whether these profiles work depends on how well they can make the persona fit with their real personalities.


One notable case was seen in the British edition. A black female contestant had a unique take on faking an identity by presenting herself as a white man, all in a quest to gauge if her outspoken personality would find greater acceptance in this altered persona.

However, faking a persona is quite tricky, and those who struggle with this technique often come across as suspicious, leading them to face the show.


What We Know about the Show's Season 6

Netflix has just given the green light for "The Circle" sixth season. In this engaging U.S. reality television series, contestants communicate exclusively through a specialized app, allowing them to create and embrace various personas.

What sets the sixth season apart from its U.S. predecessors is that it's the first to be entirely filmed in the United States. Previously, all seasons were shot in the custom Adelphi Wharf Phase One apartment block in Salford, England.

However, this time around, the action unfolds in Atlanta, Georgia, a place often dubbed "Hollywood East." The area has become a prominent hub for U.S. film and television production.


The area has hosted several famous projects, like "The Walking Dead," starring Norman Reedus; "Stranger Things," led by Millie Bobby Brown; and "The Vampire Diaries," featuring Nina Dobrev.

While the cast for the upcoming sixth season remains under wraps, it's worth noting that the previous season featured thirteen contestants. The show was based on the British reality series of the same name.


Inside the 'The Circle' Previous Season

The fifth season of "The Circle: Singles" debuted in December 2022. Given the show's theme, the season had a fresh twist, with contestants competing for popularity while professing their romantic availability.

While the initial changes to the show left some viewers unhappy, the new format ultimately added an intriguing and refreshing element to the season.

The show presented a diverse group of contestants, some more skilled at winning than others. Interestingly, a prior connection existed between one of the contestants and a participant from a previous season.


Its cast includes Brian Clark, Billie-Jean Blackett, Shubham Goel, Marvin Ach, Tom Houghton, Oliver Twixt, Brett Robinson, Xanthi Perdikomatis, Tasia Lesley, Raven Sutton, Paris McTizic, Chaz Lawery, and Samantha "Sam" Carmona. Interestingly, Goel appeared in the show's inaugural season.

Clark, Blakcett, Goel, and Lesley were noted throughout the show as "catfishes," another slang term for people who create fake profiles. Perdikomatis and Robinson later adopted the technique, which led to their untimely elimination.


In keeping with the show's infamous trait, truthfulness was at the participants's discretion. Some players became candid about their relationship status, while others kept it under wraps.

Those who adopted fake personas didn't have to worry about real-life relationship complications. This dynamic certainly stirred up a fair share of drama within the cast; fortunately, it didn't result in any genuine heartbreak.

When the show concluded in January 2023, Carmona emerged as the ultimate winner of the show's prize. Despite the drama throughout the series, all the castmates have achieved their own successes since then.


Carmona, known for her fearless personality and unwavering loyalty to her connections throughout the season, marked her victory with style. She has frequently appeared on various podcasts.

A fashionista at heart, she also showcases her outfits and manicures regularly. Additionally, she and her fellow contestants continue to revel in joint celebrations and affectionately refer to one another as a tight family.

The show's sixth season is shrouded in mystery regarding its details, but fans can take solace in Netflix's official renewal, regardless of whether it incorporates the singles twist. Rumors have suggested that the casting process for new players began in late May 2023.


The past seasons and their respective winners have all gained fame. Joey Sasso emerged as the champion in the inaugural season, with Goel as the show's runner-up, while Sammie Cimarelli was the fan-favorite who won $10,000.

Meanwhile, DeLeesa St. Agathe claimed victory in the second season, with Chloe Veitch as the runner-up and a fan-favorite. The third season saw James Andre Jefferson Jr. as the competition's winner, while Matthew Pappadia secured second place, and Keisha Ghost became the show's fan-favorite.

In the fourth season, Frank Grimsley won the prize money, which soared to $150,000. Trevor St. Agathe and Josh Brubaker settled for second place and the fan-favorite prize.

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