Woman goes to hospital to birth quintuplets. But doctors reveal she lied all this time

Even though it is not easy, most parents do their best to provide their children all they might need even before they are born.

That’s the case of Paul Servat and his girlfriend, Barbara Bienvenue. In September 2013 and after dating for just two months, Bienvenue told Servat that she was pregnant and that they should prepare everything to welcome their baby.

As Good Fullness reported, he did all he could to raise money for the baby. When Bienvenue visited the doctor for the second time she went back home to tell Servat that she was expecting two babies.

And it didn’t end there. She pointed out that, visit after visit, the doctor kept discovering new little dots on the sonogram until they reached five babies.

Since taking care of five is not an easy task, Servat created a crowdfunding to raise some extra money. His community in Montreal, Canada was kind enough that the couple received many donations.

Thanks to them, they managed to set up a big nursery for the five babies with five different cribs and everything the infants might need. They were so excited that they used to post many photos on social media and chat with family members about the children.

When Bienvenue told her boyfriend that she was in labor, they rushed to the hospital. After a quick exam made by the doctors, they told the couple that she was never pregnant.

Servat pointed out that it was a phantom pregnancy and that he spent 34 weeks believing he was going to become a father. The fact that shocked most people was that it was not the first time that something similar happened to Bienvenue.

A former boyfriend revealed that she once pretended to have Leukemia and faked another pregnancy. After the first incident, she was placed under psychological observation.

Servat and his family were completely astonished when they learned that it was a lie. He returned all the donations he received saying that he had nothing to do with the lies.
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