Broken mom holds lifeless child in her arms. See how powerful a mother’s love can be

A company from Thailand made this heartbreaking ad, and people across the world are crying due to its powerful message.

"A Mother's Intuition," an ad created by Babi Mild, revolves around a mother who just had given birth to twins, but one of them is not well.

In the ad, when she goes to look at her twins in the delivery room, she realizes one of them is not showing the typical healthy signs.

According to The San Francisco Globe, One twin seemed to have 'the spark of life,' while the other wasn't moving very much.

The frightened mother desperately held the baby close to her while speaking words of encouragement to him as she couldn't stop crying.

Source: Youtube/TheNackKung

Source: Youtube/TheNackKung

Source: Youtube/TheNackKung

Due to this heartbreaking scene, watching this mother cry for her dead-looking newborn, the other people in the room started to get emotional as well.

But just after a few moments, something miraculous happens and the baby, who once looked almost dead, started moving.

At first, the baby wasn't moving that freely, curling his little fingers into a powerful baby fist, but he immediately started crying.

The video, which already went viral some time ago, has more than 200,000 views and the comments on the video show the power of its message.

'Aw that is the miracle and we can see how warm is the heart of a mother to get/his child,' Vika Turia, a Youtube user, commented on the video.

One YouTuber, K Dizzle said the video literally moved him to tears, claiming that he needed tissues right after watching it.

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