Your boyfriend truly loves you if he does these things

New relationships can be tricky to navigate, and many people are not sure if their partner truly loves them. There are several clues to look out for.  

Relations Goals compiled a list of signs that could give you an indication of whether your partner loves you or not. Does your partner do any of these things?  

1. He values and respects your opinions

He will always consider your opinion, be it about his latest hairstyle or clothing, or about world affairs and international politics.

2. He is delighted to see you

He might be exhausted after a long day at work or weighted down with a problem. But if you are the light of his life, he will always be happy to see you.

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3. He sends you a 'good morning' text

This means you are the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up in the morning and that he wants you to be a part of his day, even when you are not physically together. 

4. He listens to you

If he is genuinely interested in you, he will listen when you talk. He wants to hear your opinions, hopes, and dreams, and would patiently listen no matter the topic.

5. He protects you

This doesn't necessarily mean he will resort to violence to protect you, but you he will stand up for you when needed, whether it's to his family, his friends, or even your family. 

6. He takes an interest in your interests

If someone loves you, they would like to partake in the things that make you happy, just as you will show an interest in his hobbies. 

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Source: FreePik

7. He is proud of you

He always has your interests on the heart and is proud of the achievement and milestones you reach in life. Does he boast about your accomplishments to his friends? 

8. He gets romantic with you

This could be anything from grand gestures to booking a table at an expensive restaurant, or just sending you a beautiful text message or a flower to brighten up your day. 

9. He doesn't forget your birthday

Or any other important dates, like your anniversary. This means the dates have influenced his life in such a way that they are important to him too. 

10. He helps when you need it

You might be sick with the flu, or you've had a hard day at work. He might listen as you blow off steam, or help you with tasks around the house. 

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Source: FreePik

11. He surprises you

Your knight in shiny armor might send a bouquet of roses to your workplace, or show up at your door uninvited with a box of cupcakes.

12. He cuddles with you

The stereotype dictates that women love to cuddle and men don't. This isn't always true; even if he doesn't love cuddling in general, he still enjoys being close to you.

13. He lets you take up most of the space in the bed

He doesn't mind if you sprawl across the bed. As long as you're comfortable, he lets you be. But be sure to make it up to him by surprising him with an outing or doing something he would enjoy!

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