Caitlyn Jenner shows her nose after reports about her cancer diagnosis

Several people tend to believe that since celebrities have a lot of money, bad things don't happen to them. It cannot be further from the truth, though.

Caitlyn Jenner knows it firsthand and she took to Instagram on March 20, 2018, to share with her fans and followers her experience. In the photo, she was wearing a white bathrobe and the tip of her nose was red and swollen.

Inquisitr reported that it was the scar of the sun damage removal procedure she just got. In the caption, she urged her followers to wear sunblock throughout the day as much as possible.

It was later revealed that Jenner had a cancerous basal cell carcinoma removed, which is a common form of skin cancer that is usually treated with prescription creams or, in some cases, surgery.

The source added that Jenner’s biggest fear was to lose her nose as the lesions often reoccur in the exact same spot it appeared the first time. She is also scared that her cancer might spread in the future.

It was not the first time she went into the operating room to take care of that problem. In September 2013 – before her transition – she removed a chunk of tissue from her nose for the first time.

Since it is a recurrent problem, she has been experiencing some sort of breakdown about it. One of the worst things she has said so far is that she might die.

Some people don’t believe that her problem is that bad and they have suggested that all she is doing is seeking for the attention of the Kardashian clan due to the fact that they are in a feud at the moment.

It was even revealed that she has been contacting everyone asking them to spend time with her as she doesn’t know ‘what’s going to happen with her health.’

Jenner is the perfect example of what might happen to those who don’t wear sunblock on a daily basis.

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