March 24, 2018

Woman laughs at grandpa's method of handling a spoiled child

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This woman was very impressed when she saw how this grandfather dealt with his grandson. 

Shopping with children in tow is never easy. They're tired, they're hungry, they want to go home, and they also want just about everything on the shelves. And while some might accept a stern no, others will throw a colossal temper tantrum at the word. 

As reported by Bored Daddy, one grandfather got to experience the temper tantrum of his toddler grandson first hand while shopping in a supermarket. 

A woman witnessed the entire interaction, and she was very impressed by how the elderly gentleman managed not to lose his own temper with the way his grandson was behaving. 


As the grandfather and his little grandson were walking through the supermarket, the old man was doing his shopping as the toddler screamed bloody murder for sweets, snacks, and all manner of other items for sale. 

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But instead of yelling at the little boy, the grandfather could be heard calmly muttering to himself: "Easy William, we won't be long...easy boy." 

The woman was amazed at how calm he managed to remain throughout the temper tantrum being thrown in his honor. 

Another outburst from the toddler only elicited another such calm muttering from the grandfather, trying to gently placate William. 


When the grandfather and his grandson reached the checkout, the little terror started throwing things out of the shopping cart in an attempt to make his displeasure known. 

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This time, the grandfather calmly asked him to relax, promising that they would be home in just five more minutes. 

After witnessing this exchange, the woman followed the duo out to the parking lot, where she praised the grandfather for remaining so calm despite the scene the little boy was making.

She finished by telling him that William was lucky to have him for a grandfather. But it was his response to her praise that caught her off guard. 

"Thanks. But I am William. The little bugger's name is Kevin!"