Man with 10 kids tells judge he slept with her daughter. He said it in vain

Judge Judy Sheindlin, is a retired Manhattan court judge who is known for her hard-hitting and no-nonsense approach. 

She is not a person to be messed with and defendant Danny Gonzales learned that the hard way. A segment of his episode was uploaded to YouTube on June 15, 2012.

As reported by Ms. Gabby, Gonzales' neighbor sued him after he shot at her windows and glass sliding doors with a BB gun. Gonzales placed the blame on the salesman he purchased the guns from. 

He maintained that the salesman was demonstrating that the BB guns were in working condition, and the neighbor's windows and door were accidentally shot in the process. 

Judge Judy was trying to get to the bottom of the situation and asked Gonzales questions throughout the episode. It then came to light that Gonzales had ten children. 

Judge Judy admitted that it had nothing to do with the case, but she wanted to know how a 21-year-old man could already have fathered ten children. 

She then asked with how many different women he had his children. Gonzales replied "about four. Including your daughter." He quickly tried to save the situation by saying it was a joke. 

Judge Judy didn't miss a beat when she said: "Let me explain something to you, fresh mouth. I'm the only one who makes jokes." Gonzales then made another crucial mistake. 

He told her that it might be her show, but it was his episode. She quickly reminded that he "doesn't have an episode." The only thing he needed to do was answer her questions.

She added that she needed to make a decision based on his answers, and asked him if he understood. He replied that he did, and she proceeded with the case. 

Judge Judy also explained that he was responsible for the salesman's actions after he invited him into his home, and Gonzales was ordered to pay for his neighbor's damages. 

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