The true story of a wild crow saving a dying kitten

The couple were on their way out to help with the rescue when they saw something that shocked them. 

A family were watching out of their kitchen window one morning when they noticed a small black and white animal that seemed to be lifeless. At first, they thought it was just a dead rat, but decided to investigate. 

As reported by Shared, as they were about to go outside, they noticed another animal moving in the bushes nearby. Before they could make it out the door, they realized that it was a crow, and as they watched in horror it swooped down to the animal. 

The crow picked the animal up, and the family realized that it was a kitten. Worse still, they realized that the little one was actually still alive. 

In a panic that the crow was going to harm the kitten, they were shocked by the next series of events. 

The crow sat the kitten gently down on the ground, and started to try and prop it up into a seated position. It even went so far as to ward off any other animals that tried to approach the kitten. 

Once all and sundry were warned to leave the rescued fur-baby alone, the crow started to find worms, and fed them to the weak kitten. Not long afterwards, the kitten found the strength to stand up and walk around! 

Not content that its job was complete, the crow stuck by the kitten, cawing at it to warn her not to walk into the road for fear that she would be run over. 

After a short while, the family managed to lure the kitten towards their house by putting out cat food. They took her in, treated her, and made sure she received the medical care she needed to regain her proper strength. 

They decided to keep the little one, naming her Cassie. Every morning the family even lets Cassie out to play with her valiant rescuer. 

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