Soldier sits down next to stranger in airport only to find out he paid for his family vacation

The soldier may never forget the gesture made by the stranger.

As reported in an article published by Uplifting Today, a businessman, Brad, paid for a serviceman, named Mr. Glasgot, and his family's vacation in Atlanta after briefly speaking with him at the airport.

Brad bumped into Mr. Glasgot at the airport who was waiting for his flight with his family and the two struck up a conversation instantly.

The businessman learned that Mr. Glasgot was on a very rare vacation and had decided to spend some quality time with his family on a well-deserved vacation.

The two parted their ways when their flights were ready for departure. Mr. Glasgot did not have an idea that his stories of sacrifice moved Brad.

When Mr. Glasgot and his family reached the Great Wolf Lodge in Atlanta, he was in for a pleasant surprise. A clerk at the hotel welcomed him and his family and revealed that he had a message for him from a certain 'Brad.'

Although Mr. Glasgot could not place the name immediately, he recalled that the man he was chatting with had the same name. The clerk told him that Brad wished Mr. Glasgot and his family a very pleasant time in Atlanta.

The family was very charmed by Brad's kindness to remember the conversation and send them a message. But Mr. Glasgot did not realize that the message was not the only surprise for him and his family.

He started to reach out for his wallet in order to pay for his stay at the hotel. When the clerk noticed this, he immediately stopped Mr. Glasgot.

He told him that Brad had already paid the money to the hotel to accommodate his and his family's stay for the entire vacation. 

Mr. Glasgot was completely shocked by the revelation and could not believe the gesture of kindness showcased by Brad. Brad believed that it was the least he could do for a soldier who has already sacrificed so much for the country.

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