Did you know about these three Facebook comment secrets? Try them for yourself

Preeti Pillai
Mar 27, 2018
05:17 A.M.

Not everybody knows how their computers and mobile screens can fill up with love with just one click!


Facebook has included three new features in their latest update. The intention seems to be to keep the audience engaged with small animated sets that can cheer up their users while congratulating someone or simply sharing hugs and kisses.

Despite being in the news for political reasons, these new updates have been welcomed by its users for its cuteness and heartwarming appeal.

In their new update, the leading social media company has involved tiny changes in the way one can interact using their desktop browser or smartphone.

By just typing these keywords when you are sharing anything on social media, your post or comment can have an interactive feature that can keep your friends and followers engaged.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


1. Balloons and Confetti:

If you type in 'Congrats' in your status update or your comment on someone else's status update, the font of the word changes its color when you press 'Enter.'

And when you click on the colored word, the screen gets filled up with colorful balloons and confetti. Moreover, there is a celebratory piece of music that plays along with the cute animation.

2. Hearts

'XOXO' has been the universal symbol of hearts and kisses since ages now. People have been typing the letters to show affection or love but now the social media company has decided to add more love to the letters.

If you type 'XOXO' in any the capital case or otherwise, and press 'Enter,' the word gets colored automatically, and your screen gets filled with hearts as they pop from the bottom of your screen before popping off completely.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


3. Thumbs Up

The thumbs-up has been the legacy of the social media company when anyone wants to appreciate a post or a comment. If you type in the word 'Rad' and press 'Enter,' your screen will fill up with multiple thumbs-ups that will fly across your screen.

In case these effects are not visible on your phone, maybe you have to upgrade the app or simply wait for the company to make the effects compatible with your device.

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