Doting mother Serena Williams shares an adorable photo of her 6-month-old daughter in cute costume

Olympia Ohanian is a very well-loved baby, with her parents dedicating an entire Instagram page to her. 

Ever since Olympia was born, proud parents Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian have been sharing photos of her. 

The most recent photo they shared is a photo of Olympia in the air wearing a superhero costume, specifically for 'Batman'. 

The little Ohanian family seemed to be enjoying a nice day out in the park, as they captioned the photo with

"Beautiful day for superhero practice with momma and daddy."

Olympia could be seen being lifted up in the air, smiling for the picture. In her tiny little body rested a cute 'Batman' onesie. 

After their little bonding session, Olympia could then be seen hanging out by the arms of her famous mother, while holding a 'Sesame Street' children's book. 

Showing how she can be quite the fun mom, Serena took a selfie of her daughter looking a little bit unpleased. 

In the funny caption, Olympia seems to be feeling that way because of her father. 

"My moms @serenawilliams face when Dadti @alexisohanian tells a dad joke"

In another photo, it was Olympia's daddy's turn to gie her a little fun. As Alexis sat down, he could be seen swinging Olympia back and forth in a video posted on her Instagram account. 

"Fun with da-ti"

It seems Olympia is used to being swung around, as she did not look anxious or scared at all. The little baby seemed to be enjoying the whole thing, even keeping a finger in her mouth at one point of her ride. 

Despite being a very young baby, Olympia has already been shown a lot of love not only by her parents, but even her 299 thousand followers on Instagram.

We can't wait to see what else Olympia has in store for the world. She might take after her mother and become the next Tennis World Champion in their family. 

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