ABC correspondent makes a confession on dire health issue he is secretly suffering for 10 years

His shocking revelation came with a strong message attached to it.

According to an article published by Entertainment Online, ABC correspondent Karl Schmid recently posted a message on social media breaking his silence on being HIV positive for almost a decade.

Schmid, who is an openly gay person who works with the network from its Los Angeles branch, opened up about what his experience in the media industry as an HIV positive individual.

He started by asserting that he was a 37-year-old who was employed in the television business and had been suffering from the condition for almost 10 years.

It came as a surprise to many online followers that Schmid had been keeping such a big secret, however, Schmid tried to explain his dilemma over sharing the deeply personal news.

He wrote that he hesitated to be open about his condition, considering that it was a taboo subject and it might have an impact on his work since the people might refrain from featuring an HIV positive person on camera.

He also revealed that many of his peers in the industry had advised him against speaking up about his health issue, emphasizing their belief that it would irreversibly damage his career.

But in the end, Schmid decided to go with his gut and share the update with online followers. He wrote that despite everything, he was in essence nothing different from anyone reading the post.

Highlighting the basic similarities between people, he stated that he also had a generous heart and desired to receive love and acceptance from people around him.

In his view, his celebrity status was not a significant difference that made him stand apart from the average person.

He stated that despite being a recognizable face on television, he wished for the same things that majority of the people wished for, which was to be loved, included and encouraged in both the personal and professional spheres of life.

As a small note of advice to people who might have faced hardships like he did, Schmid wrote that they must stand proud and not depend on anyone other than themselves for their own happiness.

Schmid added that there was nobility in being honest and upholding one's own dignity was far more important than worrying about temporary and vague labels.

After an uplifting message, Schmid was surprised to see that he received overwhelming support from fans and followers on social media.

A day later, he wrote a message thanking those who paid attention to his story and those who shared their own stories with him.
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