Details of the 'terrifying attempt to murder' former child actor Corey Feldman

Junie Sihlangu
Mar 29, 2018
10:36 A.M.

Actor, Corey Feldman got stabbed recently with an unidentified object. The incident occurred while he was driving with his security team.


On March 28, 2018, the star posted two images of himself at the hospital on social media. According to People, Feldman said he knew who was behind the incident.

Feldman has finally opened up about the details from the moment when he was allegedly stabbed with an unidentified object. He spoke with TMZ and explained that his security person had mentioned that he believed somebody was following them on the day of the stabbing.

The same car sped up in front of Feldman’s car. It had been on the freeway pulling up to people almost looking like they were going to hit them and clearing some kind of path.


The vehicle then slowed down and aligned itself with Feldman’s window on the passenger side. The man on the passenger side, which was where the actor’s security was sitting because Feldman was driving, looked at them and started giving the security the evil eye.

Feldman’s security guard then cracked the window open a bit and looked out, starring the man down. They got to a red light where a car was in front of Feldman’s vehicle.

The vehicle pulled up directly behind the star and when he did that, somebody got out of their car and started approaching Feldman’s vehicle. The actor described the man as a short guy, bald head, and Mexican man.

He went up to the passenger side and tried to approach the passenger side door. The man then stood there blocking it.

“I do know for a fact that that conspiracy has to do with every false accusation that you’ve heard about me in the media within the last six months. And I do know who the organizer of that conspiracy is and I do know who it’s being lead by — and I do know why.”

Corey Feldman, People, March 28, 2018

Feldman’s security guard told the man to get back in his car and to not approach theirs. But the man responded by asking the security what he’ll do about it and asked him if he had a gun.


The man appeared to be retreating back to his vehicle. The windows were down in the actor’s car and he was watching to see what the other vehicle was doing.

When the stoplight turned green, Feldman wanted to leave but was unable to because the vehicle in front of him hadn’t moved yet. “At that point, the car behind us does a U-turn, pulls out into the other lane, does a U-turn, comes back and aligns himself right next to my driver’s side,” said Feldman.

He explained that his security guard didn’t see this happen because he was focused on the other man. Suddenly somebody got out of the passenger’s side of the other car and went over to the actor.


Feldman locked his door and the man tried to pull the handle but it didn’t work. The man pulled at the handle again with extra strength and the door flew open and he lunged in.

He had a weapon in his hand and stabbed Feldman once. The star managed to pull both his body back and closed the door before driving off.

Feldman shared that the man had only stabbed him the one time and it was a very small puncture. It was like a dot but it was bleeding.

The star suspected that the man had stabbed him with just the tip of a knife, or maybe he had used a syringe. Feldman claimed that there was a conspiracy against him.


He said the incident had something to do with the pedophilia claims that he had made. But he clarified that he couldn’t say that the incident was completely related to his claims.

Although he did mention that it was very odd that a group of Mexican guys would pull over a car and go as far as opening a door and stabbing the person inside. He explained that if they were going to go to such lengths, they would be more aggressive and at some point ask for his wallet or make some demand.

Last fall the star launched a fundraising campaign hoping to crowdfund $10 million in two months in order to make a movie about his life. His intention was to bring his alleged Hollywood abusers to justice.


The star had previously claimed that he and his best friend at the time, fellow child actor Corey Haim, had been sexually abused by people in the industry. The amount for the crowdsourcing campaign was later adjusted to $1 million.

Feldman then launched a second campaign on a different fundraising platform with the hopes of raising $100,000. After the attack, Feldman’s representative revealed that he was being tested for infections after being stabbed by the possible syringe.

LAPD spokeswoman Officer Rosario Herrera said there was no suspect at this time and the investigation was still ongoing.

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