'America’s Got Talent' sued: Woman died after accident

America's Got Talent has been on the air for 12 years. In a recent development, the show producers were sued for a wrongful death. 

Maureen Allen sustained severe injuries to her upper body on March 26, 2017, when she was maneuvering her motorized wheelchair onto a wheelchair ramp at the show's venue. 

As reported by Faith Family America, the main wheelchair access ramp was blocked, forcing the 79-year-old Allen to use an alternative ramp. 

The wheels of her chair got tangled in cables. Her wheelchair tipped, and she was 'violently thrown off her scooter on the hard pavement,' according to the legal documents. 

According to Allen's family, her husband, Floyd, was volunteering at the Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair, which took place at the same venue where America's Got Talent was being filmed. 

The venue's disabled access points were blocked off 'due to the filming of the NBC Series and the television shows trailers and equipment were blocking' all access points. 

Allen was rushed to the Pasadena hospital where she received the necessary medical attention. She was treated for injuries to her arms, upper body and head, as well as a broken hip. 

Allen developed a blood clot and suffered a stroke the following day. Her condition worsened, and Allen was transferred to a nursing home in Long Beach, her hometown, on April 11, 2017. 

Her health continued to deteriorate, and Allen was placed on life support machines on June 23, 2017. She passed away on June 25, 2017. 

Sadly, she didn't recover from the injuries, and the decision was made to switch off the machines which were keeping her alive. 

Her family sued NBC Universal, Fremantle Media North America and Maraton Productions, as well as the city of Pasadena. 

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