'Blue Bloods' viewers support Danny taking a hard-line against his brother-in-law

Pedro Marrero
Apr 02, 2018
08:00 P.M.
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Jimmy O’Shea (Kevin Dillon) returned in the last episode of Blue Bloods called Close Calls on Friday, March 30, but he did it under some most unfortunate circumstances.


The episode opened with Danny and the boys trying to head out the door to start their day, but they were stopped by a delivery man who informed Danny that he had $120,000 worth of merchandise on his truck to deliver to either him or Linda.

Obviously, Danny was angry and tried to tell the man that he hadn't ordered anything and his wife had never even lived in that house. When the man told him that meant it sounded like he needed to call the cops, Danny knew it was time to spring into action.

It turned out that Jimmy (Linda’s brother) was using his late sister in order to suit his own needs and fund his dangerous high-stakes operations. He’s a gambler who lost a lot of money and couldn’t get himself out of many seedy lenders’ orbit.


According to a Pop Culture report, Danny had found out that his brother-in-law Jimmy had been working with the Albanian mafia and so pressured Jimmy into helping him take those guys down or he was going to send Jimmy to the hospital.


His relationship with Jimmy had always been troublesome and Jimmy knew that he should have done better. He should have gone to his sister’s funeral and he shouldn’t have used her information to pull off a scam.

Fortunately, he did best to make up for what he did. He wore a wire and carried out a sting with the Albanian mafia that had almost gotten him killed. And he had surprisingly become a hero of the day by shooting them which slowed them down enough to get arrested.


That, of course, hadn’t changed how Danny viewed him only he was now more tolerant of his brother-in-law. He is the uncle of his sons and he introduced him to Linda. Therefore, he is more than just a brother-in-law. He's a close friend.

However, some fans remember that we never really got to say goodbye to Linda, who died off-screen before season eight started. Jimmy said he felt like he never got to say goodbye to his sister, and fans feel the same way still.