Dog stares at his family while they sleep at night. Worried owners go to shelter to get answers

Apr 04, 2018
09:34 P.M.
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He had been adopted into the family, and they cherished him immensely. However, they were unable to understand this behavior displayed by him. 


As reported in an article published by Glad Wire, a family was concerned for their adopted dog when he stayed up all night staring at them and remained in the same position by their side when they woke up.

After providing him at the shelter, the family was keen on giving him all the love he deserved. Everything seemed alright with the puppy, aside from one strange issue that he would do every night. 

The dog was happy to indulge in all the cuddles and fondness showered on him throughout the day by the owners, but once they would retire to their beds, he would sit next to their bed looking at them until they woke up. 


The family took him for long walks every day and played with him for hours. They were unable to understand why he would stare at them as they slept all night rather than sleeping peacefully in his designated bed.

Concerned that something must've been was wrong, the family took him to the veterinarian. There they were told by the doctor that there was nothing physically wrong with him. 

The family was still intrigued and were looking for answers. They decided to go to the shelter where they adopted him from.

Over there, they learned the heartbreaking story of how the dog had reached their shelter in the first place. 


The dog's previous owner had sedated him one night and watched him as he fell asleep. Once he did, the owner drove him all the way down and abandoned him at the shelter.

By the time the dog woke up, he was not able to see his owner and was very confused. 


The dog was concerned that his new family might do something similar to him. He felt that felt he had to keep an eye on them while they slept or else he feared that he would be abandoned again. 

Realizing that the dog was affected by this concern, the family instantly went home and transferred his dog bed next to theirs within the bedroom.

They hoped that it might reassure him that they did not intend to abandon him at all. Since then, the dog started to sleep peacefully through the night next to them.