Soldier gets surprise leave to go back home and meet his newborn daughter!

Cheryl Kahla
Apr 05, 2018
11:35 A.M.
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A young soldier was ecstatic when his wife told him she was expecting their first child. Unfortunately, he was deployed just a few weeks after she shared the news. 


Jake Osborne's wife, Chelsea, was used to her her husband being away from home for months at a time. She had to face milestones in their life on her own, and her pregnancy was no different. 

As reported by Uplifting Today, Jake asked his sister to support Chelsea while he was away. During Jake's mission, he missed home more and more every day. 

Though Chelsea was sad that her husband would miss such an important day, she respected the fact that he was 'serving his country,' and prepared for the birth. 


As the due date approached, Jake's commander granted him permission to briefly go home so that he could be there for the birth.  

His commander pulled a few strings, and within two days, Jake was on his way home from Afganistan. Unfortunately, he wasn't in time, and Chelsea gave birth before he arrived.

Nevertheless, he was excited to see his wife and couldn't wait to meet his baby girl. When he arrived an at the hospital, Chelsea put the newborn Paisley in her father's arms. 


One of the nurses recorded the happy reunion and took photos for the family's albums. Jake's reaction to meeting his daughter sure does warm the heart. 

He is utterly speechless when he walks into the hospital room and sees his daughter for the first time. The shock soon turned to excitement.

Jake couldn't spend a lot of time with family and had to return to his mission, but he was grateful that his commanding officers granted his leave on such short notice.