Kenny Rogers forced to urgently cancel final dates of a farewell tour due to a health crisis

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 06, 2018
01:11 P.M.
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Most artists – especially those linked to the music industry – dream about having a farewell tour before retiring.


Kenny Rogers, the singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur who is one of the members of the Country Music Hall of Fame, is one of them. He has been pretty much everywhere with his The Gambler’s Last Deal tour for the past two years with no major complications.

ET Online reported that on April 5, 2018, the 79-years-old musician announced the cancellation of all the upcoming dates he was supposed to be throughout 2018 due to issues with his health.

Even though the details of his condition were not clarified, the report revealed that doctors advised him to take such a difficult and important decision. They expect the outcome to be great, though.


In his statement, Rogers admitted that he didn’t want to take ‘forever’ to retire and that he has enjoyed the opportunity to say goodbye to the fans in the past dates of his tour.

He pointed out that he never had the opportunity to properly thank them for the encouragement and support they have given him and for the happiness he has felt in all his career as a musician.


The same source informed that all people who bought tickets must contact the place where they got them and ask for a refund. Rogers will not be present at the Stagecoach festival on April 29 either.

Last October, he shared why he was retiring and admitted that it was because of the record company. They wanted him to make another single or record, but he refused because he doesn’t have the energy to promote it.


They were asking him to do it, go out, and visit radio stations to promote it but all he wants is to ‘sit home with my boys.’ In 2004, he and his wife, Wanda Miller, welcomed twins sons, Justin and Jordan.

He has been very excited about them and cannot wait to see them going to high school. Rogers confessed they might buy a smaller house with a larger property for the sake of the boys.