Remember 'Barbie Girl' and Aqua singer Lene Nystrom? Now she's 44 and looks stunning

Apr 08, 2018
03:50 A.M.
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The famous singer shared a selfie on social media proving that she is still the Barbie Girl that her fans one knew.


Even two decades after releasing her biggest hit in the entertainment industry, Barbie Girl, the singer of the band Aqua, Lene Nystrom, looks like 'she has barely aged a day,' according to Pop Culture.

In a recent photograph shared by Nystrom on Instagram, the star could be seen wearing a beautiful crown on her head while her skin looks flawless as ever. With her gorgeous black her falling around it, Nystrom looked amazing.

She also took to Instagram a month ago to share a special photograph, which revealed her 'channeling her inner Barbie Girl,' the source wrote.


In the photograph, Nystrom poses inside of an oversized doll box, which was similar to the one in which Barbie doll might come packaged.

Nystrom's musical group, Aqua emerged in the music scene in 1997 with their debut album Aquarium and their biggest hit single, Barbie Girl.


But the band has a bit of history prior being known as Aqua as well. Earlier, the musical group was known as Joyspeed with founding members Claus Norreen and Soren Rasted.

Later, Norreen exited from the group and Rasted was left behind. He met Rene Dif and Nystrom in the early 1990's and they changed their band name to Aqua.

Their first single came out in 1994 with a small Swedish record label company. Sadly, it didn't turn out to be a successful record.


But the band started over, 'working harder than ever,' and even performing new music as they eventually were spotted by one of the top recording labels, Universal Music Denmark.

With the support of such a major label company, the group began to gain attention and interest among the fans of dance and pop music.

All this led to the release of their 1997 smash hit album and the famous song, Barbie Girl, which became such a big success that it is a pop-culture-icon till date.