Note! Warning signs your liver is full of toxins

Apr 08, 2018
11:35 P.M.
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This vitally important organ can give off numerous signs that there is something wrong with it. 


The liver is the organ that is responsible for flushing out toxins in the body, making it very important that it function normally. 

Unfortunately, excessive fat deposits are common these days, and these pests tend to settle in the liver where the organ becomes unable to filter them out simply due to the amount. 

Just 5 to 10 percent higher fatty deposits in the human body can result in a fatty liver disease. 

The disease can be either alcoholic, which is caused by excessive alcohol consumption, or non-alcoholic, such as that caused by cholesterol or genetics. 

Source: Freepik


There are six giveaway symptoms that the liver could be experiencing problems due to these fatty deposits. 

Chronic fatigue 

The build-up of toxins in the body can be the cause of muscle pain, mood swings, depression, and non-stop fatigue. 

Excessive sweating 

Body temperature may rise because of reduced liver functioning, which can lead to excessive sweating even when not exercising. 


Sudden weight gain 

Toxin build-up in the body can prevent weight control, and can be the cause behind suddenly packing on the pounds, even without much change in diet. 


When the liver is functioning optimally, it creates antibodies that can help to destroy allergens. When the liver is not functioning well, there is a build-up of allergens that causes the brain to produce histamines. 

These can lead to itchiness, headaches, and allergies. 



A badly functioning liver can lead to hormonal imbalances in the body, which can cause the skin to break out with acne. 

Bad breath 

Many issues with the liver can present as bad breath, despite a good oral hygiene routine. 

Fortunately, many liver problems can be controlled with a good healthy diet, in which certain foods should be emphasized. These include bananas, ginger, yoghurt, and dandelion.