Nurse covers a dying veteran in American flag, calls his name and respects with a final salute

This man was proud of his military service and when his health began to fail, he made sure that would be a focal point.

US Army SFC/Ret. Sidney Shearing decided to join the army soon after finishing high school and for twenty years, he fought for his country.

According to Liftable, this highly decorated soldier fought stationed in Germany, Hawaii, with two tours in Vietnam and combat tours in the Dominican Republic.

As his health started to diminish, Shearing requested his name be called when he passed away for a proper military “send-off from Saint Francis.”

Nurse Sergio, a Sergeant, was the one who finally conducted the beautiful ceremony to say goodbye to one of America's heroes.

As Shearing hours were coming to an end on March 25, 2018, when he was 72 year old, Sergio brought in an American flag to lay over him.

His sister, Jeanne Shearing, recorded the heartbreaking moment when her brother passed and the honorable send-off that followed.

Sergio began by calling out Shearing’s brother in the room, Officer Day, before calling out his own name. Both men responded by saying “present.”

According to, Sergio then proceeded to call Sidney Shearing’s name three times, to which there was no response.

Sergio and Shearing's brother then saluted Shearing for the last time and honored the soldier by playing the lights-out melody “Taps” while removing the flag from his body before folding it up together.

According to Tell Me Now, during his time in the military, Shearing earned many medals, including the Bronze Star, the Air Medal, and the Presidential Unit Citation.

After retiring from the Army, Shearing continued to work as a cardiovascular technician for the next  twenty years, but he will be remembered as one of America's military heroes.

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