Pregnant woman went to meet with a stranger from Facebook and disappeared. Now she is found dead

Apr 09, 2018
08:13 P.M.
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Finally, they discovered the young girl's whereabouts, but the authorities were shocked due to her condition after being found.


On March 27, 2018, Jessica Gabriela Hernández García, a pregnant 20-year-old girl, disappeared without a trace. Nobody knew her whereabouts, who was 8 months into her pregnancy, for some days and her family was desperately looking for her.

According to Debate, Hernández García came out of her home in order to meet a stranger she met online through Facebook.

This man supposedly told her he could find some baby clothes for her, and after that day, all communication has been lost. 

According to her mother, Hernández García went out around 10 am from her house in Madero City, Tamaulipas, Mexico, but never came back.


The baby clothes she was supposedly going to receive was too much of a bargain to let it pass. It was the victim's mother, Alma Delia García Hernández, who narrated what happened, and who reported her missing.

After days of looking for her, the authorities discovered the young woman's body. The revealed that someone took the baby inside her womb.


They also said that two suspects, a man and a woman, were both arrested because they arrived at a hospital with the baby already dead.

The woman carrying the lifeless baby claimed that she suffered a miscarriage, something that drew too many suspicious amongst the hospital staff, who then called the police.


Hernández García's body was found inside a house in Veracruz, and according to local sources, neighbors claimed that a couple lived there, with a "pregnant woman" and her three children.

What were these two trying to obtain from her? We can only speculate and wait for more information about the case. Let's wish that some justice will be made for this currently-mourning family.