Becky Conner still couldn't cope with the pain of her husband's death

Apr 10, 2018
11:52 P.M.
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The show has only just started up again, and fans are still trying to catch up to how the characters have changed. 


Lecy Goranson, who played the original Becky in the original Roseanne, has spoken up about her character's devastating loss in the years between the original show and the revival. 

As reported by Inquisitr, Glenn Quinn, the actor who played Becky's husband, Mark Healy, passed away in 2002. Instead of recasting him, the producers have decided to write his death into the 21 years before the revival. 

This means that Becky is a widow in the new show, and has still not come to terms with her husband's death. 

At this point, with the show only just started, viewers have not yet been given much information on Mark's death. They have not yet revealed when or how he passed away. 


His death was revealed in the very first episode when Roseanne's sister Jackie, played by Laurie Metcalf, acknowledged that her niece was struggling to come to terms with the loss. 

But Goranson has spoken about how strong her character is, and has hinted that she may come to terms with it within the nine-episode run that has been planned for the show. 

"Part of how the [toll on her] has manifested is that she hasn’t really dealt with the pain of it. As a result, she’s a little bit of arrested almost to the time where Mark passed away," Goranson said. 


She further stated that the only way for Becky to move past the pain is in essence to face it. 

In the meantime, Becky has been hired as a surrogate by a wealthy woman, played by another Roseanne veteran in the form of Sarah Chalke. 

Executive producer Bruce Helford has acknowledged that Mark's death will be dealt with in the season.