Man on 'Wheel of Fortune' loses a real fortune due to a simple pronunciation mistake

Apr 11, 2018
12:14 A.M.
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This man made a simple pronunciation mistake, and it cost him a couple thousand. 


A contest identified only as Jonny on Wheel of Fortune lost out on $7,100 on April 9 when he accidentally said "flamingo" instead of "flamenco." 

As reported by Fox News, the cash also came with a trip to Europe. 

The board had the words "Flamenco Dance Lessons" on it, missing just the "m" of flamenco and the "d" of dance. But instead of easily saying the phrase, Jonny botched his pronunciation of flamenco. 

What came out of his mouth instead was "flamingo," the pink aquatic bird. 


Jonny was utterly shocked at his own mistake as show host Pat Sajak buzzed his answer as incorrect, granting his opponent, Ashley, the money and the trip to Europe. 

Unfortunately, this wasn't even the contestant's first mistake of the night. Earlier on in the night, the board read "do_ and _ony _ho_ me the money." 

With just two letters left to guess, the wheel landed on $2,500. 

Rather than giving the correct answer, "dog and pony show me the money," Jonny stumbled and blurted out "c" instead. 

Jonny is not the first one to lose out on easy money on game shows though. Earlier in 2018, a contestant on Jeopardy! lost out on over $3,000 when he pronounced Coolio's song "Gangster's Paradise" with a hard "r."