In the new episode, 'Roseanne' honors a cast member who tragically passed away

Cheryl Kahla
Apr 11, 2018
11:18 A.M.
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The Roseanne reboot took the world by storm, and fans were moved to tears when the latest episode paid tribute to one of the deceased cast members. 


Viewers were treated to an emotional rollercoaster ride on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, when one of the characters in the series discussed the passing of her husband, Mark Healy. 

As reported by Pop Culture, Healy was portrayed by actor Glenn Quinn, who passed away from a drug overdose on December 3, 2002. 

In the series, he was married to Roseanne's eldest daughter, Becky, and was the brother of Darlene's boyfriend, David Healy. Please note that this article contains spoilers from Tuesday's episode. 


Viewers who have been following season 10, knows that Becky offered to be a surrogate mother and that she lied about her age because she desperately needs the money. 

Becky is informed by doctors that her eggs aren't viable and that she wouldn't be able to conceive. This is a hard blow to Becky, and she opens up to Darlene. 

Becky said that she always wanted to have children with her husband, Mark, and that they were trying 'all the time,' but without any luck. 


Darlene wasn't aware of this and naturally assumed that her sister never wanted to be a mother. She then reminded Becky that she wouldn't be betraying her husband's memory by moving on. 

Offscreen, Quinn's passing was devasting to the cast of Roseanne as well, and they still pay tribute to him every day. His picture is in the Connor living room; everybody touches it before they start filming. 


Quinn's body was found in 2002 after he had overdosed on heroin at a friend's house in North Hollywood, California. He was 32 years old. 

Close friends recalled that Quinn was battling with addiction in the months before he passed.He also faced homelessness during that period. 

The actor, who also starred in Angel from 1999 to 2002, starting abusing drugs at the age of 22 after his parents' marriage fell apart.