A shrine to a dead burglar was set up yards away from the home where he was stabbed

Apr 11, 2018
11:16 P.M.
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People from the neighborhood had mixed reactions to the unusual tributes.


According to an article published by Mirror, career criminal Henry Vincent’s murder was mourned by several people in Hither Green, with people leaving flowers and notes close to the home where he was stabbed.

Vincent had been a career criminal, but trying to break into the house of 78-year-old Richard Osborn-Brooks cost him his life.

The burglar was fatally stabbed while trying to enter the house in which Osborn-Brooks lived with his wife Maureen.

The couple is away from home under a witness protection program, and authorities are conducting an investigation into the incident.


In the meantime, several people made a shrine in remembrance of Vincent by attaching flowers, balloons, and notes to a fence that was only 20 yards away from the premises on which he was stabbed.

The tributes continued to pour in, including contributions from a group of women who paid their respect with flowers and balloons tied to the fence.

While the blue and red balloons had messages ‘You’ll be missed’ and Í love you’ respectively, a handful of notes were also found at the shrine.

Among them was a note from Vincent’s daughter, who wrote that she would do her best to stand up for her dead father.


She added that people did not really know him, and apologized for not spending enough time with him in his time of desperation and fear.

The tributes were met with a lot of anger and frustration from certain neighbors, who took down the flowers and balloons.

In their view, such a tribute was unaccounted for and was a misuse of someone’s private property. One neighbor also highlighted that Vincent should not have attempted to burgle the house.

However, a group of people showed up at the spot eventually to reattach the flowers and balloons that were taken down.


Mr. Osborn-Brooks claimed that two men had broken into his house earlier this week.

Vincent was one of them, allegedly armed with a screwdriver, demanding Mr. Osborn-Brooks to stay put in the kitchen. As per the report, Vincent was stabbed in the midst of a physical tussle.

He and his partner ran away from the house, however, wounded Vincent collapsed on the road. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Mr. Osborn-Brooks has been arrested on the suspicion of murder, and his home is being examined for further evidence.