5 sisters perform one of the best variations of the National Anthem. Have you heard better?

Cheryl Kahla
Apr 12, 2018
05:44 A.M.
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Singing the National Anthem at sporting events is an honor for many musicians. It is also a difficult song to master, and many have failed.


In 2008, five young girls stood in the middle of the court before a basketball game, ready to give the performance of their lives. The crowd didn't expect much, they were there for the game, after all. 

As reported by Inspire More, it was a match between Texas Tech and Texas, but most people in attendance probably won't even remember the final score. 

As soon as the five girls started to perform, they commanded the attention of everybody, and their performance is still remembered, ten years later. 


Within a day, their video went viral and was soon shared all around the world as netizens tagged their family and friends and shared it to their profiles. 

Back then, the singers ranged in ages from six to eight, and they were known as The Cactus Cuties, a Texas-based musical group from Lubbock. 

The group was initially formed as a part of a project created by Terri Caldwell. She wanted to encourage the younger generation to partake in the arts. 

The project was started seven years before The Cactus Cuties performed the National Anthem, and Terri's daughter, Cami, was one of the founding members. 


Since then, the group has released a book titled, Oh Say, Did You Know? The Story Of The Star Spangled Banner. 

The illustrated book is a collection of fun facts about the national anthem, including the song's history, and includes a rendition of the anthem by the Cactus Cuties. 

Their performance is still a hit today, a decade later. Their video has garnered more than 10,290,000 views, just one YouTube channel, with 3,275 comments. 

Terri is still going strong with her initiative and regularly shares photos of her latest project, The Caldwell Kids, with her Facebook friends.