White model, Martina Big, transitioned into a black woman and revealed her new 'African' name

Rodolfo Vieira
Apr 13, 2018
05:46 A.M.
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They say that everyone should be proud of who their and where they come from, but there a few exceptions to that rule. Some people just have bigger dreams.


Martina Big, a known German model and actress, took radical measures to make sure that she was able to make the transition from white to black and now, in 2018, she feels like she has become a real African woman.

Aside from her physical appearance, the 40-year-old was baptized by a pastor with a new name: Malaika Kubwa. She confessed that she was thrilled with the change, as reported by Unilad.

Martina opted for the new Swahili name because of its meaning. 'big angel,' but the name was the less complicated step in the exhausting process of changing her appearance.


She underwent surgery several times, and probably the first thing noticeable about her is her gargantuan breast size. The breast implants are so big that she currently wears a 32 S cup

According to the source, her breasts are the biggest in Europe. The former air hostess's transformation has cost her over $50 000; in total, not counting the beast implants, she's had three skin injections and tanning sessions done.


To achieve the perfect skin tone, she used her 50-tube sun-bed, which gave her the look that she aimed for. Her eye color was also changed and her hair was darkened and curled.

As reported by Unilad, she flew to Kenya to be baptized after being told by one of her Kenyan friends that a pastor would be willing to perform the ceremony so she could be a true African woman.


Martina now believes that she can start her new journey, and claims that her physical features have started changing on their own when compared to old photos.

Still, despite the fact that her transformation is almost complete, she wishes to go under the knife again to make her nose wider and get butt implants to be curvier.