5-year-old begins to sing her song. Then dad joins in and that's the best we've ever heard

Apr 13, 2018
10:31 P.M.
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She is known for her adorable covers of Disney songs. Recently, she shared a song which she sang with her beloved father.


Claire Ryann has been a viral sensation and she is only five years old. She grabbed and captivated the people’s hearts with her raw talent in singing.

The five-year-old always looks adorable with her charming personality in her videos. Add such a voice with extreme potential, then you have yourself a viral hit.

She recently shared a song, which she sang with her father, as revealed by Faith Tap.

In honor of their faith and love for God, Claire and her father decided to share another song to their fans.


Claire’s voice mixed with father’s soothing sound is breathtaking. The video was well-shot as well.

It was simple but it captured everyone’s hearts and attention.

The rawness of the song and the video made it easy for the fans to tap into their faith in God.

The song they sang was Peace in Christ. The video of their rendition immediately received many views and shares.


Within less than a week, Claire already had almost half a million views.

Claire continues to wow her fans with her adorable and amazing talent. It is possible for her to become a big star in the future. She has the potential and the personality fit for a superstar.

As for her parents, they make sure that their daughter doesn’t let fame get into her head. They teach her how to remain humble and down to earth despite her popularity.

Some of Claire’s most viral hits are her covers of Disney songs, including Beauty and the Beast’s Tale As Old As Time, Moana’s How Far I’ll Go, Aladdin’s A Whole New World, A Little Mermaid’s Part Of Your World, and a whole lot more.