Steve Harvey sued for $2 million in sexual harassment suit by fitness model & single mother

Apr 18, 2018
08:03 A.M.
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- After being hailed as the top TV personality on social media ranking, Steve Harvey is reportedly being accused by a guest in his show.


- The fitness model allegedly filed a suit against the 61-year-old host and his talk show producers, according to 'TMZ.'

-  AmoMama learned further from the source media outlet that Steve and his producers are being accused of 'tarting up' the female guest who happens to be a hardworking single mom.


The report has it that the alleged lawsuit was in reference to an episode that aired sometime in April 2016.

As we further looked for the videos of the episode, the date stamped was on April 12, 2016, as shared by the show's 'YouTube' channel.


On that particular episode, the 'Steve Harvey' show had a female guest who goes by the name of Dominique Collier.

Apparently, the fitness model and mom had replied to a casting call from the show for 'single professional women who like to show off their looks.'


After about a couple of years since the show was aired, the suit news broke which she reportedly filed against the top personality on social media sites.

She apparently claimed that the producers of the show told her that they would highlight her being a 'professional single mom, who's also a fitness model,' as to who 'TMZ' detailed it.



Now, the woman claimed that it's now how everything went all down in her suit, as apparently, she showed up for the mentioned taping above in a 'conservative outfit, which is a 'long-sleeved blouse and pencil skirt.'

However, the producers of the show allegedly put her in a 'halter top and form-fitting skirt,' as to how her suit reportedly goes. 

In the documents obtained by the source media outlet, Dominique Collier reportedly stated that the alleged segment included an audience giving a vote on her looks, and the alleged responses included not so nice remarks. 


Moreover, she apparently stated that she 'fired off a cease and desist' to the talk show to reportedly remove the poll coming from the audience vote from the said segment reportedly before it aired.

With which, the producers reportedly obliged but she claimed that the 'damage was done in front of the live show's audience. 

Also added, she claimed that the show allegedly 'altered' photos of her to make her look 'more provocative, as the report goes.

Furthermore, the woman apparently said that she felt humiliated, and as a matter of fact, she was reportedly crying backstage when Steve Harvey allegedly walked up and handed her the clothes she wore when she arrived in the talk show's studio which apparently included her undergarments.


Dominique ended up saying, allegedly, that 'she felt sexually harassed,' and thus, she filed a suit against Steve Harvey and the show's production company, 'Endemol Shine and NBC,' for allegedly at least '$2 million.'  

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Source: TMZ, The Root, Daily News